Prologue plus chapter 1 of creatures of the night
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Creative thoughts

Story one

Creatures of the night
Foot note
Though I stand alone in the darkness, fear is not what grips me. It's more of a simple kind of comfort. I wasn't ever one to be afraid of the dark, I felt at home. The cool air, the quiet that seems to have been ushered in. For normal people, sleep would be the only thing they would be doing at this time. Good thing I'm not normal in any way. Which is weird for me to say, there once was a time normal was all I ever wanted, but how can a creature as myself be normal? I began embracing myself as the creature I truly am. The night always felt right anyway, so it's fitting that I am what I am. Enough of me though this story isn't mine alone. Things go bump in the night, the kind of things your parents used to scare you. I am one of those things. I found that out after I turned 16. Let me tell you dying on your birthday isn't the greatest way to celebrate, but it's where this story begins.

Chapter 1
Why me
The sun burned into my face, the pleasant warmth waking me. Sitting up I stretched and groaned. My body stiff from sleep popped and snapped. Excitement washed over me. I'm finally 16. I looked at the mirror on my desk. My unruly black hair had a mind of its seawater green eyes stared back at me. My mother called me a heartbreak from early on, though I've never felt the need to be tied down long enough to break any hearts. I had few friends even. My phone interrupted my thoughts.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Happy Birthday Rikko." A familiar voice said happily.
"Thanks Gempo." I said with a laugh.
Akeri Gempo has been my best friend ever since I can remember. She was the only one able to get me to open up and enjoy myself.
"I'll be on my way to your party soon Rikko." Her voice had the excitement I felt.
We talked for several minutes, about the day and what the party might be like this year. We never knew the theme till last moment. My mother loved to surprise me. she tried really hard to make me live to the fullest and enjoy the things i had. she seemed to think she had to pick up the mantle my father had abandoned. so i did my best for her, smiling at every silly joke, every crappy pun. rolling with every prank she seemed to think up. today was going to be amazing though. my birthdays always seemed to go amazing. i walked down the stairs and saw my mother sitting at the table with her face in her hands.
"whats wrong mother?" i quietly asked.
"there cant be a party today Rikko, there is some things i need to talk to you about." her voice nothing but a mutter.
i hadnt noticed until know Akeri was siting there in the shadows.
"akeri?" i was in shock.
"Rikko sit down please." Akeri's voice was cold unlike a few moments ago when it had seemed so excited.
"whats going on. tel me right now! why am i not having a party??" i was confused and afraid.
"Rikko sit." Akeri demanded.
it was as if i couldnt disobey at all. my body seemed to move on its own.
"Rikko this will be confusing at first, but i am sure that you will understand soon enough." mom said stuttering through the tears streaming down her face.
i looked at her puzzled. this was the first time i had seen her cry since father left.
"Rikko theres something you should know about your father." Akeri said with a blank expression.
i looked at her with dismay.
"What do you mean? i asked.
"Your father was a lord vampire." Akeri said quietly.
"your crazy. mom tell her shes wrong!" i yelled.
my mother looked at me and shook her head.
"She's not sadly Rikko. your father was lord Drake of the southern isles." my mother said quietly.
i looked at her in disbelief, how could this be true.
"What does this mean? why does this have anything to do with me?" i asked my mind racing.
"Your father has fallen to his enemies Rikko. you are to become the next lord vampire of the southern isles. you will die tonight and be reborn." Akeri said quietly.
i was shocked. how could such a secret be kept from me for so long.
"....Why me though...." i muttered
"You are Drake's only son." Akeri said.
she stood up and walked to me. her arms open. i fell into them.
"It will be ok. i promise i wont leave your side." her whispers filled my ears.
a sharp pain filled my left side. i coughed. blood poured out of my mouth.
i brought my hand up and brushed her grey bangs out of her eyes.
"i forgive you. stay by my side forever Akeri. walk beside me to the end of time." i sputtered and fell to my knees. the last words i heard was from my mother.
"im sorry Rikko"
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So, is Vampirism just a normal thing in this universe? Because MC-man doesn't really seem that shocked.

I also have to wonder where exactly this takes place. I don't know where the Southern Isles are supposed to be, but names like "Rikko" and "Akeri" seem a little strange for vampire novels.
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Everything will be explained. Eventually. This was something I just started literately today. So my thought process isn't 100% complete with this piece yet. The names sounded good to me. The place isn't something based in reality hence why his home place hasn't been mentioned nor described in any way yet. I have big plans for this so if it caught your eye stay tuned I plan on adding a bit every day on my page, and thank you for asking questions
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