chapter 2 of creatures of the night
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Posted 5/4/16
chapter 2
whats next.
i fell into a darkness, the type that made you feel as if you were the only one in the world. a voice seemed to be calling to me, so familiar but strange at the same time. a form began to appear in front of me.
"Father?" i gasped
"Rikko, oh how I've missed you, you have grown so much." his voice sounded sad.
"whats happening to me? vampires arent real are they? i thought they were just a myth told to children to obey curfew?" i asked desperately hoping this was a nightmare, that i would wake up.
"Riko, vampires are extremely real. we are the guardians of Ektreal. there is so much to explain, so little time my son." he said.
"Why me? Why must i be the next lord vampire? what is a lord vampire?what else is real?" i asked running out off breath
"Rikko, my son. im sorry. the road ahead of you will be long and tedious. danger lurks around every corner and behind every table. i will try to explain as much possible with the little time we have. you are my only son Akeri was one of my servants i assigned to watch over you. she is the only one you can truly trust. you have to pick up my mantle because your my legacy, after i died my powers went to you. A lord vampire is a protector of the vampire kind, to be the staple between us and humans. there are 8 total lords. one of them had me killed. be careful my son, other creatures are real but we rule over them to. each lord is in charge of certain creatures. as youll soon find out. our time is over Rikko, i love you my son" my fathers voice left me in confusion and anger.
my mind raced to process the information i was just given. a bright light appeared in front of me, it kept getting brighter. i moved towards it cautious. then i heard a voice.
"this is the new master Akeri? this small half blood?" a rough voice scoffed.
"dont you dare talk down to me." i sputtered out.
propping myself up on my elbow i glared at the person who scoffed me. his shocked expression told me everything i needed to know about him.
"if i hear you talk down to me anymore i will have you dealt with. i am drakes son half blood or not i will cut you down." my voice flowed like poison. the man took a few steps back shocked. he bowed quickly.
"forgive me my lord." he stammered out
"Akeri help me stand if you would please." i asked quietly ignoring the man.
her face was in the same state of shock of my aggressiveness.she grabbed my arm and threw it over her shoulder.
"what is your name." i asked the man.
"mordancy my lord." he said still in bow.
"where am i mordancy?" i asked looking at him.
he was a large man, standing much taller then myself, his arms the size of trees with a beard to rivil most elders. thick red hair covered most of his face. an eye patch on his right eye. a large scar carved into the tan leather like skin.
"we are in the shimmering isles my lord. all you see is yours to command." he said.
"i figured we were at the shimmering isles but where are we." my voiced was like ice.
"the front gate my lord" he stammered.
i nodded. i lifted my arm away from akeri and started towards the giant metal gate in front of me. akeri watched me with weariness my body wasnt fully healed from whatever she did to me.
"Akeri my dear what did you do to me?" i asked hand on my left side.
"My lord... i had to take away your humanity. your one of the undead now." she said quietly.
"well my dear its quiet lovely." i mumbled
i couldn't let my guard down even in front of her. i didnt understand anything yet but i could act like i was ok with everything that was going on. in fact i wasnt calm in any sense. my mind was racing and if i had a heart beat im sure that would be racing to. i waved at mordancy to open the gate. he nodded and a single shove the gate was open. large trees lined the cobblestone path that wound up a hill. a large set of marble steps lead up to a large door way. a temple like building sat in front of me. red and gold lined everything. a tall full figured woman in a red and white kimono sweeping the ground. her long blonde hair flowed behind her shoulder. she turned to face me. her eyes where bright red. her lips turned into a fanged smile.
"is this our new lord morancy?"her voice was as sweet as honey.
he only nodded. she bursted into giggles. she rushed towards me. wrapping her arms around me shoving my face into her breasts.
"welcome home master im maki. the high priestess for shimmering isles." she said squeezing me
"Enough maki release the master before you corrupt him with your perverted ways." Akeri said
"mean aki." maki said sadly releasing me.
"thank you for the warm welcome maki." i said with a bow.
her face turned flush and she giggled.
"i like this one Aki." she giggled.
Akeri glared at her and grabbed my arm. we continued towards the main house. i saw many more people all bowed before me. the main house was surrounded with cherry blossoms. the steps where made from cherry lumber. a red carpet awaited me at the foot of them. the doors swung open. inside was a large room. in the middle was a fountain, a large stair case on either side. several maids and butlers were aiting.
"gather everyone in the throne room diako." akeri said to a silver haired butler.
he nodded and took of. akeri lead me through a long hallay and into a very large room with a chair to match its size sitting on the back wall. i walked to the chair and plopped down
"what now?" i looked at Akeri.
"you will address those you rule then meet the other lords. they are on their way now, but before i need to give you something. your fathers sword. it will turn iknto whatever weapon based on your personality, you will need to name it." she said as two maids came in with something wrapped in cloth. akeri grabbed the item and uncovered it. a katana in its sheath. a nice wooden glossed sheath with a giant ruby in the middle of it.
"grab the hilt." akeri told me.
i nodded and grabbed the hilt. i felt a surge inside of me, the blade started to change. in a mater of moments a large scythe lay in my hands. the pole black like the darkness, the blade red as blood. at the tip was gold.
"widows wail." i mumbled.
Akeri looked at the weapon in shock, i honestly was shocked myself. the weapon was massive yet lighter then any expectations i had.
"it will suite you." morancy said quietly.
Akeri glared at him for a second.
"widows wail huh? that sends shivers down my spine as much as the weapon itself. very unique my lord." Akeri said with a bow.
"Akeri come stand by my side. before i meet my subects i want to met these other lords." i said with a smile.
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Alright I'm interested in this kid. Keep up, you're pretty good.
A couple of things: (I, I,m, I've...), the i used to refer to oneself is written in capital size. You should really just post the new chapters as replies to the original post.
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