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Post Reply Do people trust what I have to say on Video games?
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Posted 5/11/16
There are games I feel more comfortable using a controller for, but there are games I wouldn't dream of using anything other than KB+M for. It really does vary. Some games have more functions than a controller has buttons, so it's a necessity. KB+M can be tough to get used to if all you did before was console gaming. You get used to it after a while with some practice though.
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Posted 5/16/16 , edited 5/16/16
i play a very select genre of games that require player skill and not the limitations of hardware prefference. so i trust only my self .... nice post though your probz put alot of thought into it ect
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Posted 5/16/16

AzuroHeart wrote:

I wonder if people listen to me, like I know I say harsh things but it's for the greater good

I'mma stop you right there.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who agree with what you say, and those who do not.

Trying to convince those who do not will only make them hate you MORE. You will never win them to your side. If you engage with them, do it in public, and for the benefit of those who are watching the conversation.

Your opponent will not benefit. He's already chosen not to. You don't care what he thinks. If he ever does change his mind and agree with you, he will never tell you. He will hitch his wagon to someone else who just happens to agree with you.

Just make your points. If you're making them TO someone, that someone is just a prop. You don't care what they think, because they don't really care what you think either.
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