Post Reply Should Tetsuya Nomura be the new owner of t kingdom Hearts?
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Posted 5/4/16
With E3 on the horizone, big game companys are about to anounce their news game,
one interest me, that s squareenix why?
Kingdom Hearts, and the final chapter of the Sora saga, will turn heads.
But with the ending coming, should Tetsuya fight for the right's of the franchise?
Making the art, the level desing, even sound, this guy is already the spielberg for square.
i know creators, dont hold rights of what they work for company(example kojima n konami)
But as fan, should he? I say yes, i mean see Kylo Rin, in kingdom Hearts with he's art, yes please.
or bring new worlds like marvel U, with sora in the avengers,
summon em for some action, even better.
So what yer comment about it?

As always thank for been awesome.
Posted 5/4/16

That's up to Square I suppose.

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Posted 5/4/16
Why should Nomura be selfish and take the rights to it? Leave it to Square Enix.
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