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What do you think it's like to be a mod?
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Posted 5/6/16 , edited 5/6/16

TotalQuirk wrote:

Stressful, probably.

Not that much to be fair, but you do need to have a thick skin and a pair of very slippery shoulders at times.
The job for the most part happens out of sight of the regular users, tackling reports and helping people with questions, issues, complaints and requests.
The visible moderating part consists mostly of moving threads to the right forums, closing double posted threads and handling the occasional spambots that get through the currently active security measures.
The less fun part of moderating like warning/banning people, handling potential flamewars and arguments between people is just a small part of the job.
Believe it or not, the site and forums, while not perfect, are actually very well self-regulated making the job enjoyable for the most part and making it possible for us to also be members of the community and not just grumpy policemen and women.
Posted 5/6/16
Hours of nothing followed by a pile of work to be done asap.
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Posted 5/6/16
It's probably like any other job, there are times when its enjoyable (normally when things go well) and drag/pain the ass when things do not. Such as members acting up or making sure things are done the correct way and adjusting things and so forth. It must take a fair amount of time to go through all the forum posts making sure rules are kept.
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Posted 1/8/17
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