The pinnacle of anime and death thereafter.
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Posted 5/6/16 , edited 5/6/16
The realization that some wonderful anime that captivates audiences around the world and does not receive an encore is disappointing, The term encore as most of you would figure would be meaning another second season or third depending on the anime. A lot of anime gets overlooked and pushed to the side and I am here to not only talk about the disappointing situations I have faced, but to hear your's as well. Forgive my grammar though as it is will be revolting, so if you absolutely have to do it then make it the last part of your comment.

It might contain some spoilers so be wary before you read I will star the ones that have a spoiler.

Hunter x Hunter (yes, I think the whole freaking world knows they did a remake and extended it through the chimera ark). This is before when I first encountered the series the "original anime" I was so frustrated that they decided to only make a bunch of OVAS and ended it at the beginning of the chimera ark, It was so heartbreaking because I read the Manga and knew how badass Gon becomes. When they remade it I was happy, but my only disappointment was Hisoka. He seemed much more terrifying in the original, but it didn't change the fact that he is probably my most favorite antagonist. However, what was the average of this anime coming out back then. It was slim to none and so many people brushed it off as a finished series. End of story. Well actually it probably is unfortunately. With the huge lack of content being produced and Gon finishing his initial quest to fins his dad...what more is there?

***Bleach...I don't really have much to say about this anime, but I know many people were probably disappointed at the choice of not continuing the anime even though they easily could have. I actually believed I stop caring about the anime at episode 122 or
I heard the manga gets really hardcore and it sounded somewhat interesting, but the fact remains that will will not produce it into a anime.

***Eye shield 21...I mean technically the anime finished without any quirks except....the main goal they were going for? The freaking CHRISTMASBOWL?!?! The anime quality was getting worse with each episode and they even skipped on of the best games against the Dinosaur team. The Christmas bowl game, and the game against the american team were also very badass in the anime. It was such a disappointment to end it without finishing it...I mean seriously? However, since they never mentioned that the real Eye shield 21 plays against Sena in the Christmas bowl there were no other plot holes. Sigh...

No game no life...The death that is madhouse produced this wonderfully visual anime, but as most would say Madhouse does not do second seasons. I loved every episode of this anime and wish it would get a second season, but after 2 years being gone it doesn't seem like anymore. Such a waste.

***Hajime no Ippo...Remember what I said about madhouse not doing second seasons? Well that is a lie because they made both challenger and rising. However, the original anime was much older and produced by probably a nonexistent studio now.
It also means any continuation of the anime will most likely not happen. I guess even Takurma's voice actor believed it as well because he voice's the weird cat thing is Ushio and Tora...You could not believe the torment of knowing that distinct voice, but being unable to pinpoint from were it was took me hours of watching that anime to remember...I guess that is how dead the idea is of continuing this anime.

Overlord...Yes, I know how well it has done and how many people want this anime to continue. So, do I but it does not look good anymore. My reasoning? Is it wrong to pick up girls in dungeons received a confirmation of a second season. Even though both anime's came out at the same time only fake articles of confirmation of overlord show up in my google feed. It also does not help that Madhouse is the one that produced it. While I have a credible source for it is wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon. I would love for this anime to receive a second season, but as time goes anime people tend to forget and move on. I will probably be clinging on to the false hope though.

***Kateyko Hitman Reborn...Most people don't know that is originally wasn't suppose to be a shouen but a slice of life comedy anime. The decision was made after poor sales and that is what created they hit man we know today. However, the Betray ark and arcabelano ark would have tied it all together. Unfortunately, the manga was cancelled, but even before that there were no signs of producing more anime.

There are many more, but I am tired and ready to sleep.

The anime I am happy that are receiving a second season or rework:

Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon
Shogukei no Soma
Arslan Senki
D grey man Hallow
Full Metal panic
and many others

So my question is to you...What was the anime you wanted to continue and wanted are you excited for that received another season?
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Posted 5/6/16

BroDoYouEvenLift wrote:

So my question is to you...What was the anime you wanted to continue and wanted are you excited for that received another season?

Hi. I've closed this because we do already have a thread for discussing what you think deserve another season. It would be great if you posted your thoughts there.

Also, for future reference, CR does support spoiler tags, so those should be used when appropriate--I've edited your post to include a couple. When making a new post (or editing one) just select the text that should be under the spoiler, then click the icon that's a triangle with an exclamation point in it. You can also just type the tags yourself --
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