Do you know any anime/game service people?
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Posted 5/6/16 , edited 5/6/16
Hi everyone!

I need some help! I'll ask the question first and then do the tl;dr after.


Can you name some anime or video game service people? Characters that have jobs like Weapon NPC, alchemist who sells potions, the Devil is a Part-Timer gang who wear the fake McDonald's uniforms. Any character where "Thank you! Please come again" is somewhere in the job description, be it in a fantasy, modern, sci-fi, whatever setting? Even characters like Kotori from Love Live! who work at a maid cafe would fit the bill! Can you name some?! Male or female characters are fine!


Now to the reason I'm asking. I am getting into cosplay! I have been helping sell merch at anime conventions (I won't do any name dropping here. Don't want to confuse this question with an advertisement). Because of my role at cons being usually behind a table, selling merch, answering questions, and talking shop/talking anime, I thought it would be fun if I found a shopkeeper-type character to cosplay! It would be a comfortable role and I could have fun incorporating that character's personality or sayings into my day! (Being a vendor isn't nearly as exciting as being a guest!)

The problem is I suddenly can't think of very many! I feel like there is a character out there with a cool outfit to boot that I'm probably forgetting!

Can you guys help me out?!

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From the top of my head I can think of these two characters.

Kisuke Urahara- Bleach

Nitta Shin from Cardfight Vangaurd
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Well off the top of my head I can think of...

Log Horizon - The weaponsmith or a few highly noticable merchant guild members.

Is it Wrong to Pick-up Girls in a Dungeon? - Quite a few shoppes, taverns and possibilities.

Denki-Gai - Pretty much any of the quirky characters from the store.

Aoharu x Machinegun - The Merc looking paintball gun selling store owner.

Atelier Escha and Logy - Our little cart-selling girl.

I Couldn't Be the Hero - Anyone from the store or the quickie mart.

Gate - A few possibilities in the town.

I'll try thinking of any more but after rolling them off now I'm drawing that same blank you are lol .

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Mayo Chiki -- Usami works in a maid cafe
SAO -- Lisbeth runs a weapons shop ; Agil runs an item shop
Ben-To -- A number of minor characters work in super markets
Chobits -- Chi gets a job in a bakery
My Love Story -- Rinko works in a cake shop ; Takeo works as a waiter in a "beef-cake" bar.
Amagami SS -- Sae works in a maid cafe ; Kaoru works in a family restaurant
Clannad-- Nagisa gets a job in a family restaurant ; her parents run a bakery
Maid-Sama -- Misaki works in a maid cafe
Steins; Gate -- Mayuri and Faris both work in a cat-themed maid cafe
Nasuyuki Rendezvous -- Whole show takes place in a flower shop
Toradora -- Minori is a waitress ; Takeo's mother serves drinks at a bar; Takeo and Taiga briefly work at a cake shop
Snow White with the Red Hair -- Shirayuki runs an herbalist shop at the start of the show
Ah My Goddess -- By the end of the second season, they run a mechanic shop
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A few others:

Spice and Wolf: Main characters meet a number of tavern owners, shop owners, currency exchangers, and other types of merchants on their travels.

Servant x Service: Two of the characters man different customer service desks at a civil service office.

My Little Monster: One of the side characters runs a batting cage

Amagi Brilliant Park: Show is about the running of an amusement park, and customer service plays a huge roll in that.

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