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34 / M / Honolulu, HI
Posted 5/6/16
Would you buy an iPad Mini 4 to watch Crunchyroll? There is a $100 off sale at Best Buy for the iPad Mini 4 and I currently have a Samsung Tab 3 7.0. I've been debating for a while now if the iPad mini 2 or 4 would be better at watching anime. My Tab 3 does fine but lately I've been watching Anime a lot. Thoughts? Should I buy a Mini or wait?
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☆Land of sweets☆
Posted 5/7/16
that's probably one of the least palatable reasons for getting a tablet - especially a pricy one at that. no offense.
(btw it's not unusual for people to complain about app problems. besides, you can always watch CR on your laptop anyways)

i already own a tablet, so no i probably wouldn't get one.
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Posted 5/8/16
Here are two things I wanted to point out.

The screen ratio of All iPads are 4:3. Most of recent TV shows are wide, which is 16:9. If you watch Crunchyroll on iPad with landscape position, you'll see black banners on top and bottom of the screen. Some people say this is a waste of the space.

If you choose iPad mini 4, then you can do something called Split View and Picture in Picture. These feature let you to use another app while watching a video. Yet you can't use this if you choose iPad mini 2 because it's old device and doesn't have enough RAM. Also, if you do Split View, you'll see more spaces of black banners.
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