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Posted 5/7/16 , edited 5/7/16
Alluka alternative personality - Killua's sister has her name translated as "Something" ..thing that is really stupid for a official licensed translation and its not how the manga or the show intended this. Killua doesn't refer to her as 何か (some thing)..only her family does . He refers to Nanika as that being her name. So please correct "something" to "Nanika" in your subtitles when Killua refers to her - as it ruins the purpose of it..specially episode 146 . If not , you might aswell translate all other names in the shows you guys translate . A big show like HxH I expect proper translation. Thank You .
Posted 5/7/16 , edited 5/7/16
School them a bit.

That's like putting Cherry blossom whenever a Naruto character calls Sakura's name.
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