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Posted 5/8/16 , edited 5/8/16
People keep putting spoilers on things discussing the current show. I'm too listless to bother to unspoil comments individually just to speed-read through the comments. However, the non-spoiled replies to a spoiled comment still show up, even though they probably don't make sense out of context. If you put this as the address in a bookmark, you can click the bookmark to just get rid the spoiled comments and their replies.

javascript:(function(){$('.guestbook-list a.guestbook-list-hidden').parents('li').remove()}())

You could just show all the comments, but you wouldn't want to eat spoiled sushi, would you?
javascript:(function(){$('.guestbook-list a.guestbook-list-hidden').click()}())
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Posted 1/1/18 , edited 1/1/18
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