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Posted 5/8/16 , edited 5/8/16
I'm pretty sure there have been questions regarding the problem using the CR Manga or Anime app with the New Generation HD Kindle Fire or other generations for that matter but here goes...

I use my Kindle Fire 1st Generation to run the CR Anime app which has no issues. I just bought 3 new Kindle Fire's HD so my family could watch anime using the CR APP as well as read Manga using the CR Manga APP. To my surprise the apps are just not compatible and they don't even show up on the app section anymore due to this.

Is there a compatible app for both CR manga and anime that work with the new generation Kindle Fire's?

I'm guessing the apps just haven't been updated to be compatible with the new operating systems on the new generation Kindle Fires.

For now we are using our outdated first generation Kindle to watch CR anime but the Manga app is not compatible so we had to buy a new tablet to use the CR manga App and our Kindle Fire tablets are just collecting dust since the CR anime and manga app wont work with them at all.

I have also read something about side-loading the apps. How does this work exactly and is it safe for the tablets Operating Systems?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this post!
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