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Posted 5/9/16 , edited 6/15/17
As the title indicates, there are several problems with CR's Chromecast support.
I just started the 14 day trial and wanted to watch the Fairy Tail anime via my Chromecast. Here's what caught my attention:

- The autoplay button is available when watching on the mobile device but not when watching on Chromecast. Moreover, the autoplay function itself is unavailable when streaming with Chromecast.

- The navigational buttons for 10 seconds back or forth aren't functioning correctly. The time on the device's player is still running normally when pressing either button and only the time on the Chromecast player is set 10 aback or forward. After a short loading time the stream then continues from the time the device's player is after loading, NOT from the time of the Chromecast's player, rendering the navigational buttons essentially useless.

Are there any plans on addressing these issues? To be honest, the autoplay feature was my primary reason for trying Crunchyroll and with it not functioning on Chromecast I will cancel my subscription until it is fixed. So I really hope it is fixed soon.
Any info is appreciated.
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Posted 6/1/16 , edited 6/2/16
I too love to stream from my android phone to my Chromecast. I have noticed the same things that you have. I'm not sure how it is on other platforms but it would be nice if you could have auto play support when casting it.

With regard to the controls I have seen those break every time I cast multiple episodes. The first one will work just fine. You can pause, play, etc. However once back at your queue screen and you startup the next one the pause/play/etc no longer work. The slider doesn't behave/progress and when the episode is finished it won't go back to your queue screen. When you manually go back to the queue screen you have to do your swipe down to have it refresh for the next episode.

Overall I'm very happy they support casting it so I don't have to plug in my computer to the TV. Out of these two issues it would be nice if at least the controls would work. The autoplay support would just be a bonus / plus one feature request. If Techie Hime needs any debug logs to root cause the issue PM me and I'll get you the details.

Phone Model: Moto X Pure
Streaming Via: WiFi
Service Provider: VZW (NA for this issue)
Android OS: 6.0
App Version: 2.0.7
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