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Posted 5/13/16
Free users are given small markers for when advertisements will play. These just so happen to be at the end of the opening animation, the intermission, and before the final credits. These work really well as jump markers to skip scenes when binging on anime.

It's become counter productive enough that I've actually contemplated reverting my Premium back to free, and just using ad blockers. Here's the deal, if you can add hot-click markers at those same locations, I'll continue to pay for my anime binging!
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Posted 1/24/17
Furthermore, I would just like to add, that you guys are way behind other apps on playback in general. Not only would the markers mentioned above be super useful, I'm beginning to highly doubt that you could even pull off something like that smoothly at this point, let alone incorporating any kind of scene selection in general due to the constant problems getting through an episode without it freezing or skipping or even jumping to the next episode somewhere in the middle of the current one, not to mention the instability of skipping forward and backward manually and ending up somewhere completely random. Please look into all this. As a supporter and subscriber, I could almost beg that you provide the same support to the service our money is helping you provide, but instead, I must implore you to do so, lest you be left behind. Even though what Crunchyroll is now is convenient and highly appreciated, it may lose out to more reliable options if it continues to be the opposite.
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