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Posted 5/14/16
So for those of you with kids, how do you decide which anime they are allowed to watch?
Here is a video I helped with and it got me thinking what anime I would let my own kids watch and I feel the list is rather limited until they are about 13ish. However what is your opinion ?
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Posted 5/14/16
There are several anime made for kids each season. Those would be ideal until the child is a teen and then anything TV-14 or less would be suitable. Basically, just don't let them watch an anime that airs late at night in Japan until they are old enough to handle the content.
Posted 5/14/16
I'd let my kids watch, Polar Bear Cafe. That is the only anime I know of that I'd let them watch under the age of 10.
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Posted 5/14/16
- Watch it.
- Apply your own standards.


Also, Princess Tutu is a good all-ages choice. Also Shugo Chara and Cardcaptor Sakura, but the CCS anime is really old (get the manga!) and Shugo Chara has some... bondage-y looking costumes, but not enough to look troubling out of context. It's clearly made for kids.

And then, of course, there's Precure/ Glitter Force. And the '90's Sailor Moon (though Crystal seems to be more for adult fans who watched the original as kids in the '90's... )

And boys should watch magical girl stuff, too, but if you must pick a less pink-n-sparkly title... Pokemon?
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Posted 5/14/16 , edited 5/14/16
Don't have kids yet, but I'd say the basic criteria would be, "Does this show have anything I'll need to explain to the kids before either of is us really ready for it?" If the answer is yes, then shelve it until you're comfortable discussing whatever the subject is with them.

Beyond that, I looked back at what I watched before I was 13, which would have been anything before 1986 that would have been on TV or available to rent from the video store. That would amount to a lot of Americanized shows which were edited sufficiently that there isn't a huge amount to stuff to explain to a kid, assuming you've already talked to them about death, and the difference between cartoons and reality.
The shows that stand out are Battle of the Planets (aka Gatchaman), Voltron (GoLion, Dairugger), Galaxy Express 999 (movie, not series), Speed Racer, and Transformers. Oh, and Robotech on those rare days I woke up early enough to watch it.

The rest of it was western stuff. As a little kid I watched The Flintstones, Tom & Jerry & Scooby Doo daily, Looney Tunes weekly, along with all the Hanna Barbera, FIlmation and the other watch then buy stuff out there like He-Man, Thundercats and G.I. Joe. What I recall of the stuff targeted to girls was if anything even more geared to sell product. Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake, She-Ra, and of course My Little Pony. Never really watched Care Bears, but by that time it was strictly for little kids. :)

I'd probably start with some of the older classics - Astroboy and Speed Racer. Add in some movies - Simba the Whte Lion (try to show them this BEFORE they see the Lion King, so they know the latter is a big-budget rip off) and you can't really go wrong with the Ghibli stuff (not grave of the fireflies obviously) like Naussica, Pom Poko and Kiki's Delivery Service.

I would try and not expose them to the shows designed solely to sell product - Pokemon, or any of the card game titles until they're old enough to understand that's the only reason they exist. That said, they are by design easily accessible and kid friendly.

Biggest thing is to watch it with them. You will very quickly get an idea for what they like and don't like and can go from there. Don't just plop them down, hit play and walk away. Watch it with them and share those moments. Yes, you run the risk of showing them your most cherished title from your youth (OP is 20, so you're still in your youth, but still...) only for them to say they don't like it or it's stupid. Try not to cry in front of them, just ask them to explain why, and listen.

That said, my inner bastard is saying just toss 'em in on the deep end with Gantz, Casshern Sins, Attack on Titan, and Black Lagoon, then sit 'em down and watch Heavy Metal, and NInja Scroll, then lighten the mood with Space Dandy. But that would be mean.

Actually, watch Space Dandy anyway. There's enough that will be over their heads, yet it's insane, vibrant and funny enough that they'll get a laugh out of it now, and be able to watch it when they're older and get more of the jokes.
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Posted 5/14/16
My kids are 7 and 12. Started watching anime when they were 6 and 10. They've watched Excel Saga, Tenchi Muyo, Slayers, Chi's Sweet Home and their favourite is Fairy Tail. We usually watch shomething together (everyone loves Fairy Tail) but sometimes my oldest likes to watch other shows on Crunchy by herself. She also loves Squid Girl and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya.
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