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Censorship questions.
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Posted 5/15/16 , edited 5/15/16

KarenAraragi wrote:

So only older series from 2 or more years have a chance of being uncensored then?

It works like this:

1. If the series begins streaming during the same season it broadcasts in Japan (whether they are a simulcast or a month after broadcast), the masters delivered are the censored ones used for TV.

2. If the series is licensed after it finishes airing in Japan and they've published the DVD/BD volumes there, the home video version is delivered. There was never a censored version delivered, so obviously that version can't be streamed.

It doesn't have to be two years old. For example, Sentai licensed Dream Eater Merry while it was still airing in Japan, but they never streamed it until much later. As a consequence, they had no need of the delivery of broadcast materials, so when it was finally streamed, we got the uncensored home video version.

TAN/ANO is technically a separate company from Sentai, so it makes sense they don't end up with uncensored subtitled version of shows they simulcast or do same season streams for. It would mean a second license, much as they have to do for dubbed versions. It isn't just an incremental cost to do this, and a stream for a show that has already been available for 1-2 years is only going to see a fraction of the views.

That doesn't explain why Sentai seems to treat Hulu the same way, as those are placed there by Sentai directly. (Most anime on Hulu is more of a "push" publishing model, as opposed to the more traditional "pull" model of Hulu itself seeking out and licensing titles).
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Posted 5/15/16 , edited 5/15/16
from what i understand, an uncensored version may be available when the anime airs, but only through premium tv channels
getting that version is of course going to be more expensive, which is why CR just uses the non-premium version when it airs.
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Posted 5/15/16 , edited 5/15/16

TheAncientOne wrote:

sonic720 wrote:

Sentai puts home video, read uncensored, versions up on Hulu once they have the materials. Not sure if FUNi does or not, but FUNi does put them up on its own site once they have the materials and release it on disc.

I believe this follows the same pattern as TAN/ANO, where titles that were originally streamed the same season as broadcast in Japan get an uncensored version put up only in the dub version (if one is made). If it also applied to subtitle-only versions, then Hulu should have an uncensored version of the first To Love-ru Darkness (released on home video by Sentai in July 2014), but they certainly don't.

Yuushibu is sub only but uncensored on hulu.

EDIT: Ah, just saw you clarify on this page it is only for shows that are actually simulcast by Sentai/TAN/ANO. In this case it was simulcast by CR and picked up by Sentai later. I see. Good to know how that works with the uncensored versions making hulu better, at least from Sentai.
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Posted 9/15/16 , edited 9/15/16
Op Nuked. locked.
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