Need help with translating a sentence in White Album 2, Coda
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Posted 5/14/16 , edited 5/14/16
Bear in mind that I'm not a translator, but an editor of the White Album 2 scripts.


I've changed the first part from what the translator did, but I can't find the correct translation for the second part.

That's the downside for a magazine that only comes out (maybe "publishes" is better?) bimonthly.
Even though they have such a big plan, as a result, it ended up publishing in our place instead.

It's from White Album 2, Coda. In the offices of Ensemble. Haruki, Hamada, Matsuko and Suzuki are talking and Suzuki says it while there's a broadcast of Kazusa coming to Japan (Narita airport), from Europe, before the concert.

What they're talking about, as far as I understand, is that Ensemble is a bimonthly magazine and that even though the concert is sponsored by Ensemble, it's the news channels that gets to break the story.
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Posted 5/14/16 , edited 5/15/16
maybe one way of translating could be:

even though it was a news story about a special program/project in a long time,

in the end, it was decided that it would appear in a graphic magazine (instead).

グラフ誌 is a nickname for graphic journalism magazines (according to wiki)
example of グラフ誌:

maybe someone more experienced can give a better translation.
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Posted 1/1/18 , edited 1/1/18
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