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Posted 5/17/16 , edited 5/17/16
I'm trying to watch some of the new shows that came out this week and when I try to it tells me to buy the premium membership. I thought that was strange so I try to go buy it because I need to renew it or something but I can't because it tells me I'm already a premium member.
If that's the case why can't I watch the new episodes of things I'm clearly paying for?
What exactly is going on here?
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Posted 5/17/16 , edited 5/17/16
I don't immediately see anything wrong with your account.

Try logging out and clearing all of Crunchyroll's cookies. Check if you have any add-ons running that block ads or scripts on Crunchyroll and whitelist Crunchyroll in these.
If you're having trouble with one of the apps, check if you are logged into the correct account.
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Posted 5/22/16 , edited 5/22/16
This has been happening to me a lot lately too. I just renewed my account last week and both CR and my CC statement show paid, but yesterday I got a "Your Premium membership has expired" e-mail and got locked out of stuff I'd paid for. I contacted support, got it resolved, went on to watch Haifuri, thought everything was good. Today, just as I was about to start an afternoon session of catching up on some anime, I got an e-mail that said "Your Premium+ membership has expired!"

I don't even have a Premium+ membership. And guess what? My account's all messed up again.

I've already sent another support e-mail, and I really hope this will get resolved soon and permanently, but this kind of thing is getting tiresome. I don't want to keep paying for this level of frustration and aggravation if this is going to be a regular thing.
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