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Post Reply Female Superheros? Yeah or neah?
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Posted 5/29/16
well more female superheros are coming out these days just look a female superhero got her own netflix show
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Posted 5/29/16 , edited 5/29/16

I personally don't believe as a woman that we need to "clone" as you say male superheroes for the sake of saying: "hey! you wanted more women, well there you go." its lazy and better options are to be had.

You have so many female heroes that could be used more, given further background stories, and hopefully more leading roles:

-atom girl (DC)
-bling! (DC)
-black mamba (DC)
-blink (DC)
-cheetah (DC)
-captain marvel (DC, which is a legit female. she was not spawned to be the female copy, but was handed the mantel.)
-domino (marvel)
-dazzler (marvel)

I won't even go further into the alphabet from memory here, this just proves how many damn women are written so far and don't get more recognition, because that's what we really need. we don't need writers to create 100 more female heroes to be used then shelf them whenever their use is up.

as cliché as this sounds, they need to be more brave and stop thinking about how much money they can make so that these ladies can get some shine. and more people should give them a chance. its about the exposure, making it the "norm" to see female superheroes by keep pushing for more spots.

i was happy to see captain america 3 yesterday, but I was sad to only see two women standing with all those male superheroes. two
Posted 5/29/16
Meh. I don't find American comics superheroes females interesting. Bleh just bleh.
I find female villains slightly more interesting but just slightly.

Is either too stupid for me or so obviously female empowerment crap I just get turn off.

I rather if they adapted more novels than comics.
Especially The Daylight War (The Demon Cycle #3)
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Posted 9/12/16
A sidekick is one thing but a clone or copy? No
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Posted 9/14/16
They're okay, add more diversity than a Muslim Captain America.
Posted 9/19/16

Actually the clone Saga that cloned Stacey was seen as offensive to the character and a pretty bad saga overall.
Spider-Gwen is good because her and Peter trade places. Peter dies in Gwen's World and Gwen die's in his World.

Spider-Gwen is good because it gives fans of Gwen Stacey the one thing everyone wanted a retcon of her retcon and it's nicely written.
Especially consdering the insult that Marvel never gave Straczynski the last run on Spiderman he wanted so he could retcon and write the disgusting Sin's Past story out of existennce, which is the single worst Spiderman Storlyine after One More Day.
Posted 9/19/16 , edited 9/19/16
Well why the fuck not? If it messes with your concepts of it then don't read or watch it, just ignore the spinoffs. The owners do have the right to do whatever they want to their creations so there is little you can do but lobby for a boycott, and if its unpopular, the sales will probably drop anyway, which usually means the writers will shy from socio-political themes for shock appeal to go back to what made them more money, appeasing their fan base. Its like a tide, it comes in, and it goes out. Happens a lot over time.
Posted 9/19/16 , edited 9/19/16
I've never considered Lara Croft as a superhero, just like how I also don't consider Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake supers. That said; I suppose both Lara and Nathan possess the superpower of "breaking things."
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Posted 3/5/17
I like female superheroes when they are symbols of power and not oversexualized fakes. If they have real talent, then more power to them.
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