Post Reply Why does the crunchy app on my wii u have to constantly log me out?
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Posted 5/20/16 , edited 5/20/16
So lately I've been using crunchy roll on my wii u for awhile now. Really enjoy watching anime through my television and having no need for cable what so ever. However I've been gaining a few slight annoyances with it. It's not a huge problem but It spoils my experience just a little.

Okay,so the first problem is. I don't know if crunchy app has an idle timer in it or not but if I go away somewhere and come back the app stops working and forces me to restart it, which leads to my second problem.The constant need to go to the login section and wait for a good minute for it to go through even though you already have it in. Why can't it be permanently logged in? Really ruins alot of things for me on enjoying my broadcasts.

I love it nonetheless, I just really hate how I have to wait for a minute or so to log me in again..and again...and again...every time I restart.
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Posted 5/23/16 , edited 5/24/16
Been having the same problem myself the past few days. On top of freezing when coming back from being idle.
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