Google's Play Store and Android apps are coming to ChromeOS.
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Posted 5/20/16 , edited 5/21/16
So at Google IO some huge news dropped involving Chrome OS and Android living together on a single device. So far only 3 devices are supported starting in June when the dev channel gets updated (Acer R11, Asus Chromebook Flip, and the Chromebook Pixel 2) and sometime a short while later the update to Chrome OS will hit the Beta channel, while sometime this fall, probably around Nexus and Pixel announcement time, Android apps should be functional on the stable channel. Whether or not that means all devices listed on their coming soon list is uncertain at best. Though I won't lie I am pretty stoked that the Asus Chromebook Flip is listed as one of the first three supported as I picked one up earlier this year. I am confused why some older touchscreen Chromebooks aren't listed as getting support though like the Acer C720p and the first Chromebook Pixel. I also can't contain my aggravation at all the hard work that was originally put into the Pixel C to be the first standalone Chrome OS tablet was shunned for this to happen less than a year after it was finally released as a super premium Android tablet with half baked software.

My apologies for the ranting in there but, I am super excited to watch this platform grow, as part of the second wave to get CR48 tester laptop back in the day it really makes me happy it didn't die off in the struggling first few years. Is there anyone else excited about having unfettered access to the Android apps on their Chrome OS devices?
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Posted 12/2/17 , edited 12/3/17
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