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Need either some military science-fiction books, manga, and/or anime
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Posted 5/22/16 , edited 5/22/16
Jack Campbell. He is the author of the best real military fiction I have ever read.

Elizabeth Moon. Another amazing author and I've reread her work over and over and over again.

Those two will fill you for a few months for sure.
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Posted 5/26/16 , edited 5/26/16
Read Robert Heinlein's original version of Starship Troopers, the movie and other versions are light years different from the original.

Read Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander series for one of the best descriptions of life in the British Naval service during the Napoleonic wars.

It's fascinating to then read David Weber's Honor Harrington series which bases the entire society of his space based culture around the same rules as the Navy in O'Brian's books.

For some cold war fun, read some of Tom Clancy's works, the most famous being the Hunt for Red October.

Pick up an old copy of Jeff Cooper's Principles of Self Defense to learn more about the mindset.
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Posted 6/13/16 , edited 6/14/16
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Posted 1/1/18 , edited 1/2/18
New-year cleanup. Closing threads with no new posts in over a year
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