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Post Reply the savior of New York
Posted 5/23/16

Raventhedarkangel wrote:

Peter : -Smiles at her weakly and kisses her with passion . Runs his hands through her hair .- I love you as well you are my only love my soul mate . -Looks at her with love .- I need to destroy Dr.Curt . I am the one that created him . I figured out the formula .... I need to end it .

Alice :-Kisses him and sobs as he falls on the floor in pain . Grabs his arm gently and shakes her head .- Harry please do not do this . There is no need to kill him . I do not want you to end up dead or hurt ... And I do not want you to regret killing someone no matter who it is .

Clair: * looks at him with love and was worried for him kisses him, while polling his mask back over his face * Be safe out there and come back to me my love, go get em tiger.

Norman: Oh god Harry enough talk if you don't kill him i'll kill Alice got it * points the gun Harry had at Alice.*

Harry: I will save you my love from my father pleas stay strong while I'm gone * opens the masks kisses her then gets on my board and flew off out threw a window to find Spiderman.*
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