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Posted 5/21/16
Honestly, beerus is a joke, hes a over grown man baby, if things dont go hes way, he will blow it up.

Thats no villain. Thats a bully. & bullies are no fun. They pick on the weak

Freeza/frieza is a better villain, she/he was threating

Cell was threating

Beerus is not

Hes servant can stop him at any time but wont
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Posted 5/22/16
That's why he's threatening. Anything can set him off.
I don't think he's meant to be a big villain like Frieza or Cell. He's supposed to be funny. Just look at him. He's a goofy cat dude.
Buu was the same way. He was a manchild. He's only threatening because of his capacity to do harm. I mean look at him. He's made of big league chew and wears MC Hammer pants for cryin' out loud. He turns people into chocolate. That's much sillier than Beerus. Buu was even a joke during battle. SS3 Goku grabbed him by his goofy head tail and smacked him all around. He stopped in the middle of a fight to drink an ice cream soda. He turned Vegito into a gumball and he got beaten up by it for a while., At least Beerus is a serious combatant. We're not really supposed to take Beerus too seriously.
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