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Posted 5/22/16 , edited 5/22/16
So I really want to support english anime but student... So now I struggle to stay here compared to go pirate and so maybe I can ease off the "Why why why" whenever I watch something here.

Not sure how country specific this problem is but I assume it may have a lot to do with it. In Sweden the only ads I get are Chrunchyroll's own premium or specific show ones (and the rhino horn ones) and it is seriously bugging me. I feel like I'm not contributing for one, since you don't make money off showing me this. I appreciate ads of new anime I might want to watch. But I've seen them all after 2 or 3 episodes, then its useless repeats.

This along with the amount of them is really annoying and I struggle to stay (for the good of the industry). I won't nag too much about length and amount since it really comes down to money, which I'm not too good at.

So instead, I'm more annoyed with the middle of the episode ads that sometimes pops up mid sentence and interrupts for a few minutes. And I have no idea why anyone would watch the last one just to see the ending credits and whats next part. It is literally screaming "Go away! To the next one!", unnecessary I think.

Last point, not sure if this is limited to Chrome Cast but it is a problem that NEED fixing. The ads consists of like 3 videos. Every time it's time for them, first video starts loading, plays. The anime starts loading in, shows about half a second and then starts loading the next ad. This repeats until we can continue. It feels like 30-40% of the time is spent on loading the ads compared to actually watching them. And this is on a 100 Mbit/s internet.

I hope to not sound like a whiny kid that wants free shit. But instead a costumer wanting to help and improve the service I want to use, but it really pains me to stay here instead of the free easy better illegal alternatives.

Otherwise I guess I'll come back when I can afford premium again...
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Posted 5/22/16
you're not a paying member, so they just don't care. people already made a thread saying that the ads were excessive
or that there were issues with ad audio
the former thread was made in January and did not get an official response (and likely at this point, never will)
the latter was made 3 days ago, and will likely suffer the same fate.
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Posted 5/23/16
Yea, kind of expect it to happen. But felt I at least had to try. Would be nice to be able to recommend Crunchyroll to people.

Currently its just, "Its good, if you pay"
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