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Posted 5/25/16 , edited 10/21/16
Written by: SlayerNatsu

A quick summary of "Bungo Stray Dogs" without given away to much of the plot...A young man named Nakajima Atsushi contemplates his time in an orphanage. He was evicted and decides to rob the next person that passes by. Things don't quite turn out as planned and Nakajima is caught up in a strange and unpredictable world. The characters are named after famous authors and their work is loosely sprinkled throughout this series."Bungo Stray Dogs" provides a mix between suspense, mystery, the supernatural and slapstick humor. The ingredients mix well, although you need a certain tolerance for broad anime comedy to appreciate this combination of genres and styles. If you like your stories with some lighthearted humor you will find a lot to appreciate here.

The story consists of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type mashup in anime form. Dazai has a supernatural power: his “No Longer Human” allows him to nullify other peoples’ powers which is pretty cool. Atsushi's power draws more from the subject matter of his works: his stories are known for their fantastical nature, and the ability to turn into a weretiger is now on my list as a must have super power.

The audiovisuals aspects of this series are professional and stylish. The animation is above par and the artistic style is pleasing to the eye and consistent in tone. Personally, the art style is definitely my favorite of the season, its fresh and clean throughout. The voice acting is solid with a clear difference in delivery and cadence from the actors. The music is well chosen although not very memorable. All elements mesh well together to form one cohesive whole that suits this anime.

Bungo Stray Dogs is a highlight in an otherwise lackluster season for anime. The production values are pretty high, and the quality is consistent throughout the series. That's important because the intertwining genres and oddball humor need to be grounded in a consistent tone. If you like the supernatural with a hint of mystery and some absurd comedy you will certainly enjoy "Bungo Stray Dogs." If you have a good grasp on the real life literary authors in this anime (and even if you arent) to add it to your queue you might be pleasantly surprised. Of course, you can check out this anime and many more on Crunchyroll!
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Posted 5/29/16 , edited 5/29/16
I personally think the anime is doing justice or even better than what the manga was showing as I perfectly enjoyed the show when I saw it. I think even if the person does not know the litary authors, the story is still interesting to watch
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