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Posted 5/25/16 , edited 23 days ago
Written by: Koda89

Twin Star Exorcists follows Rokuro Enmado, a 14-year old boy who was once a promising and powerful exorcist in training until a tragic event changed his life forever. Two years have since passed, and though Rokuro no longer practices exorcism, he lives with a group of exorcists. One day Rokuro encounters a beautfiul and also extremely powerful exorcist named Benio Adashino. The duo get off to an extremely rocky start through a combination of Rokuro being extremely hotheaded and Benio's stern and serious nature. Effectively the two of them are acting like glorified tsunderes towards each other. As fate would have it, Rokuro and Benio turn out to be the Twin Star Exorcists. This means that despite their extreme talents and their individual dreams to become the best exorcist in history and wipe out the demonic Kegare, they are instead destined to fall in love with each other and become the parents of the Miko, the true strongest exorcist that will ultimately cleanse all of the Kegare. That's right, someone mixed in a bit of reluctant romance with the shonen action expected from this series.

Whether or not the romance side of Twin Star Exorcists actually blooms to the fullest of its potential remains to be seen, though, as the show is mainly focused on being an action series. That being said, what bits of romance has been shown so far gives me hope that it can be one of the show's stronger aspects. What we don't need to wait and see, however, is the show's strengths as a stylistic action series. While the show may not stand out too much visually when it is set in the real world, whenever the characters go to the Magano realm, the show's unique look kicks into high gear. Magano is a hellish landscape, filled with the shadowy Kegare, which come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, with the strongest being massive monstrosities that can be down right creepy in some cases. It also helps that Rokuro and Benio have a variety of awesome looking named attack moves that are framed with dramatic visual effects. This makes me think of the action anime series I saw growing up, as this is a rather nostalgic and classic way of handling action scenes and ultimately takes what was old and makes it feel new again.

Another thing the show has handled really well up to now is Rokuro coming to grips with becoming an exorcist again. After the traumatic event in his past, Rokuro thought he was finished with being an exorcist. However, being around Benio and seeing the dangers the other exorcists he lives with are being subjected to now that the Kegare are becoming stronger than ever makes Rokuro slowly get back into the swing of things. Granted, it's not really like he had too much ring rust to worry about, as even without training for two full years, Rokuro is basically Saitama from One Punch Man, as he can one-hit KO pretty much any Kegare he encounters, even the big ones that pose extreme danger to others. Nevertheless, seeing Rokuro struggle with the situation he now finds himself in is one of the things Twin Star Exorcists can hang its hat on.

However, as much as I like most of Twin Star Exorcists, there is unfortunately one aspect of the show that is a black mark against it, and that is Benio's familiar Kinako. I mentioned earlier that the action scenes in Twin Star Exorcists made me think of shows long since passed, and this is unfortunately another aspect that makes me think of older anime series. Even now mascot characters still show up, but there was a time back in the day where it seemed like nearly every show had to shoehorn in a "cute" mascot character that more times than not ended up being annoying. Kinako is sadly one of those annoying types of mascot characters, but thankfully he only shows up in very small spurts, so while he is annoying, he doesn't take away too much from Twin Star Exorcists.

Kinako aside, if you are a fan of action shows, particularly shows with the potential to go on for a while, then Twin Star Exorcists is a show that should definitely be on your radar. It has great fast paced and stylized action coupled with some surprisingly well handled character growth and even a promising looking romantic subplot as an added bonus. On top of that, Twin Star Exorcists has enough aspects from both classic shows and more modern series that it can appeal to both younger fans looking for the latest popular series to latch onto and older fans wanting something with a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. Regardless of what you are looking for in an action anime, Twin Star Exorcists is sure to scratch your itch.
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