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Posted 5/25/16 , edited 5/25/16
Written by: Eclipsed_Oblivion

The Ace Attorney games have garnered a sizeable fan base over the past fifteen years as gamers have fallen in love with Naruhodo Ryuichi, a rookie attorney known in the English language version as Phoenix Wright. Wright originally works under his mentor, but a sudden turn of events force him to step up and, with the help of his mentor's younger sister, defend clients from a ruthless prosecutor. Now that Ace Attorney's anime adaptation is finally upon us, the series faces its biggest trial yet: staying true to the original games while still appealing to both fans and newcomers. So far, it is overcoming this trial, resulting in a humorous, enjoyable anime.

Ace Attorney retains the charm of the games by keeping their most integral, memorable elements. The 32-bit music, comedic character expressions, and catchphrases are present, and the courtroom segments mimic the original gameplay as well. However, Ace Attorney also alters aspects of the plot that were off-key in the games, and this offers something new to fans instead of feeling like a routine playthrough of the games. Particularly appealing, however, is Crunchyroll's alternate English subtitle track that changes both the names of the characters and the characters’ style of speech to match the games released in the West. This makes the series easier to watch for fans of the games, maximizing the enjoyability of the series.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Ace Attorney isn’t fun for those unfamiliar with the games. While the ridiculously lax judicial system can be frustrating at first, it adds to the series’s comical nature by making even the premise of Ace Attorney's world absurd. The changes made from the games also improve the flow of the story by dividing time more equally between the crime scene and the courtroom, which makes the pacing feel more natural for a TV anime. This is on top of surprisingly good animation that surpasses the quality of the usual low-budget adaptation, making Ace Attorney not just a good adaptation, but a lighthearted, satisfying anime.

Overall, Ace Attorney is an adaptation that stays true to the original game while still being a new, enjoyable experience for everyone. I have no objections to the series, but what about you, Augustine?
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