Smaller Xbox One Coming This Year, More Powerful Xbox One In 2017
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Well Kotaku have a source inside Microsoft saying that there will be 2 consoles a small one coming this year, with double storage cheaper and focused on streaming, not clear if it's a revised Xbox One or some kind of steamlink device..and another Xbox more powerful coming in 2017, and...the 2017 Xbox will be compatible with Oculus rift...this actually makes sense as to why Microsoft seemed so weirdly close to Oculus.

The 2017 Xbox, which is codenamed Scorpio, will have a more powerful GPU, according to three people familiar with this model, speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to speak about Microsoft’s plans. We hear that it will also be technically capable of supporting the Oculus Rift and that Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with Oculus. As for 2016, sources have told us there’s at least a more compact version coming by year’s end. One source believed it will include a larger 2TB hard drive, double the capacity of the most spacious current model. We’re expecting Microsoft to announce the more compact machine at E3 next month. (Kotaku’s Jason Schreier and Kotaku UK’s Keza MacDonald both independently corroborated this information.)

Development sources raised the concern that although the Scorpio model will be capable of supporting 4K resolution thanks to its GPU upgrade, as of right now there is no planned upgrade to the console’s I/O transfer speed–the speed at which the console can transfer assets from a disc or hard drive to its memory. This could mean long loading times for games specifically designed to support 4K, due to their larger assets.

Here is the video
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Posted 5/26/16 , edited 5/26/16
Scorpio hit itself with poison.
It was super effective...
while PS4 had got an upgrade to PS5 leaving Scorpio alone in the corner in a critical condition.
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