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Post Reply Is it morbid to think about your own funeral?
Posted 5/26/16
if you often think about it it is a bit morbid, but simply occasionally thinking about it isn't all too morbid. i don't necessarily think about my funeral but i do frequently, maybe daily think about how i'm going to die, or how the people around me will die. i think that's a bit more morbid than thinking about your funeral once in awhile. hmm. now i'm thinking about my funeral, though.
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Posted 5/26/16 , edited 5/26/16
I don't want a funeral. Both my Dad and Grandfather didn't have one, insisting it was a waste of money and time. I guess that rubbed off on me because it seems ridiculous to lay all that baggage on other people just because you died.

My body will be given to science, or if they won't take it I'll just be cremated and scattered somewhere. Doesn't really matter to me, as long as I can decompose and not be boxed up in some tomb.
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