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Crunchyroll secret technology
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22 / M / Florida
Posted 5/28/16 , edited 5/28/16
This is top secret but did you know that the CEO of CR gives a dakimakura to every new employee.
And that they are given anime figures as Christmas incentives.

CR knows how to treat its personnel.

This below is an average CR employee desk. They don't need powerful computers or luxury machines. All they need are their waifus. You know thinking about their waifus will boost their creativity, therefore increasing productivity.

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21 / Cold and High
Posted 5/28/16
All the employees are half cyborgs some even full teched robots!
All of them are drawers or fan of hentai.
They all have a cartoon shader on them.
They connect with Hime-chan once a year!
Power of Rick and Roll.
The female staff turned into cats once a month.

And they got the secret tech of flash...flashing
One Punch Mod
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Posted 12/2/17
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