Why does Japan censored parody words?
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Like dropping anime name from another series but get censored or end up with a weird name.

Gintama does it all the time but doesn't get censored but other series do get censored? Why is that?

Can somebody explain to me Copyright laws from Japan?
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I'm not too sure about the the exact copyright laws.

But if it is anything like the video game industry they need to get permissions and such from the people they want to name in their series. Which generally ends up with a lot of legal deals needing to be worked out behind the scenes, so it is cheaper to just make a parody of the thing they want to reference then actually referencing it.
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Mabe it's not just avoiding copyright
It could be a way of making an inside joke feel more exclusive.
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In Japan, you need to get permission from the copyright or trademark holder to use that copyright or trademark in a commercial work, without exception.

So, if a character drives a Honda down the road in my movie, I either have to get permission from Honda OR I have to remove all the insignia from that car.

The same thing if I want a character in my anime to drink a Coke: I either have to get permission from Coca-Cola, or alter it to make it no longer a coke product.

And yes, it even goes so far as to mention the Title of a Copyrighted manga.

In Japan they recognize that the law is kind of absurd, which is why they do things to make fun of it.

In the US, we have no such laws. In fact, it's usually the opposite: Coke and Honda pay good money to get their products mentioned in TV shows and movies.
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