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Posted 5/28/16 , edited 5/28/16
Rule one: Respect all members.
Rule two: Negative statements like 'RIP group' or 'Goodbye dead/ dying group' will result in a warning.
Rule three: Inactivity will result in a warning, if inactivity persists then said individual will be kicked from the group.
Rule four: No god modding, unique and strange characters are allowed, but no over powered characters.
Rule five: There is no rating for the group, swearing and sexual things are allowed, however keep it at a level where no one is uncomfortable about it.
Rule six: No quote pyramids keep it clean, however make sure a quote
like the example provided shows up at the top of your post ^.
Rule seven: Posts need to be 3 or 4 lines long no 1 or 2 lined posts.
Rule eight: Character bio's need to be 4 lines long at least.
Rule nine: Don't use a character that hasn't been approved.
Rule ten: No limit to characters.
Rule eleven: No controlling other people's characters without permission from both the person and the creator.
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