Would/are you going to vote in or out of the EU? And why?
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Posted 5/28/16 , edited 5/28/16
I'm curious about what other people on Crunchyroll think about the staying in or leaving the EU situation in Britain right now.

This question isn't only for the British to answer, I'm curious about everyone's view of it.

Personally, I'd vote out of the EU, but I'm too young to vote.
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Posted 5/28/16 , edited 5/28/16
Out of EU.
I still think cooperation is important but i dont like the unions way of doing it.
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Posted 5/28/16 , edited 5/28/16
The problem is with this vote, that it came in the worst time.
1. At the moment the economic situation of the world is too unstable (see China slowing down), for Britain to get a strong grip after the Brexit
2. A lot of jobs would be at risk, mainly in those parts of the industry, that has a close connection with the other EU member states. One of the main industry of this is the car manufacturing industry, think about it for a second, what would they do if suddenly their car prices would (let's say) doubled on the EU market, because the EU would apply penalty-customs on everything that comes from the UK? Their sells in the EU would drop so much, that it won't worth it to keep up the plants in the country and eventually they would move the production out of Britain and move in somewhere else (probably into the EU). A year ago, Nissan has said, if UK goes out of EU, than they leave the UK. And still there is Toyota and Ford. And that is just the automotive sector.
3. The pound would suffer for along time, wouldn't collapse, but would be a long and painful time.
4. Prices of products would raise a lot, because of custom charges building on them (a lot of product from the EU comes in custom-free), while the wages couldn't follow it, because the companies (and the share holders) wouldn't want to loose money.
5. Even the UK may fall apart. Scottish are already saying, if UK leaves EU they leave UK and go to EU. (ok for that a lot of people wouldn't cry )
6. Last, but not least, after the vote, the time for the Brexit to finish is 2 years. Until then UK looses it's vote ability in the EU, while the rules of the EU still apply to UK and any nem law, that is voted, still have to be applied as well. Basically the UK would be even more used out as it is now and couldn't do anything about it.
So as much as it sounds a great ideal to leave, this is not the time for it to happen, if it have happened 10 years ago, then the UK could have come out of it with good results, but now, there is just to much to loose.

Edit: The UK still could fight inside the EU, just have to find the right partners inside the EU. A lot of you are gonna say that this is crazy, but the UK has to try to get the eastern countries of the EU to support the UK ideals inside the EU. In a lot of stuff the eastern countries (mainly the V4 group) agree with the UK,
Posted 5/29/16 , edited 5/29/16
None cos I'm too young.
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Posted 5/30/16 , edited 5/30/16
I'm American and don't get into EU politics. What I do, have to say, is that if Europe wants to have a centralized government, like the US then the EU is not what they want. Not in its current form. Countries would have to give up there sovereign wrights and become states of the centralized government. Forget about squabbling over currency, open borders and all that non-since. If Europe ever unites, (good luck people have been trying for 1000s of years. Rome couldn't do it so you probably won't do it either) Germany would be the political capital and Britain won't have that.
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