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What Is Your Morning Routine?
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24 / M / everywhere
Posted 2/11/08
eat then play games.
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23 / M / Massachusetts
Posted 2/11/08
I wake up around 7 A.M., even though school starts at 7:30 A.M.
Then, all I do is brush my teeth and wash my face.
Next, change clothes for school.
I would use the hair straightener if my hair is really messed up
Have a cup of water
Lastly, put my shoes on and go to school

On weekends and day-offs i normally wake up and use the computer for an hour, and do everything later. but, I sometimes skip washing my face to go a rush and of course I'd wake up pass 9 A.M. That makes me more happier XD
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25 / F / [[818]] California
Posted 2/11/08
hmm for me I wake up at 5 and exercise for 35 minutes. then i meditate for 10 minutes and the last 15 minutes before 6 i eat then i take a shower and get ready for school. i put on make up from 7:00 to 7:20 then i leave to walk to school
Posted 2/11/08
wake up
make my bed
go to bathroom
brush teeth
wash face
contacts (sometimes)
make up
get dress
bye bye
Posted 2/11/08
School Morning

Alarm goes off at 6:00am
But doesn't actually get up til 7:30am
Switches on the straightners and goes to brush her teeth.
Quick shower, puts on school uniform and then straightens hair.
Shooves books and unfinished homework in school bag. (I'll finish the homework during lessons )
Waits for friend to call on her mobile so she can meet her down the street (8:00am)
Walks to school with chum.
8:25 arrives at school... then the torture begins.
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61 / F
Posted 2/11/08
wake up before the sunrise
i do my wudu
pray fajr
read the Coran or some other books
after few hours i go back to sleep
wake up once again
stay on my bed for a while, just thinking
get up
go to the bathroom ( shower ,.... )
eat breakfast
watch tv,computer,music
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77 / F / Earth.
Posted 2/11/08
Wake Up At - 7.30am
Sleep For 15 mins -7.45am
Gets Up Brushes Teeth etc etc -8am
Does Make Up - 8.05am
Stands At Front Door - 8.10
Gets In The Car - 8.15
at school 15 minutes later xD
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30 / F / Australia
Posted 2/11/08
Usually (on college days)

6:00 - Wake up lazing about for 5 minutes
6:05 - Take a shower
6:10 - Surf the internerd, listen to music, make lunches
6:30 - Wake up boyfriend
6:35 - Make breakfastes
6:45 - Eat breakfast with boyfriend
6:56 - Brush teeth
7:04 - Leave house

(not to accurate but close enough)
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32 / F
Posted 2/11/08
wake up early, stay on bed for 2 hours trying to convience my self to not to sleep again .. lol ..
then turn on my PC, take a warm shawer, put musrisoer of my body and face,
1 hr to decide what to wear, usually, i wear 2 shirts and pant.. then take time what scarf matches..
then i change my mind and wear something else ..loooooool
after that, i wear simple make-up, watch, sometimes, accesories..

after that i have an apple and eat while checking my email.. pack up my bag and make sure i didnt forget anything
then leave my place and head to school ..

my weekends morings are different thou...
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23 / M / California. not...
Posted 2/11/08
i wake up around 7am, then I get dressed and eat breakfast. After dat I would wach t.v. or surf the web until 8:18am. Then I go to school.
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31 / F / babies land.......
Posted 2/11/08
on week days:
wake up at 5:30
take a warm shower for 15 minets
eat breakfast for 15 minets
do some house cleaning for 30 minets
i get dressed at 6:30 ( i take along time to choose)
do some makeup
get my hair fixed
at 7:15 i walk out of the door...
finally at 8:00 i'll be in my class.

wake up at 8:00
eat breakfast and injoying my free time

( am very busy in the morning)
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26 / M / Maryland
Posted 2/11/08
Wake up at 4 something, get dressed, eat, go to school.
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26 / F / around here
Posted 2/11/08
wake up sometimes early
surf net
maybe do last minute homework
get dressed
eat breakfast
put stuff in bag
take the bus
Posted 2/11/08
Me at 6am: Alarm goes off and I get mad and throw my pillow at my creaking door and goes back to sleep.
6.30am: My clock wakes me up again, I yell at my desk.
7am: I force myself up and struggle to take a shower.
7.15am: I put my hair in a towel in a really weird way and I go watch tv.
7.30am: I accidently fall asleep on my sandwhich. (happens all the time, one time I almost drowned in a bowl of cereal.)
7.45am: I realise that I haven't gotten dressed yet and school begins in 15 minutes.
7.58am: struggling with my damn bike key.
8.23am: My teacher shut me out of the classroom.
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Posted 2/11/08
6:30 wake up
7:00 brush teeth
7:15 change clothes
7:16 wash face
7:20 eat breakfast
7:40 get rdy
7:45 go to bus stop (school bus)
8:00 at school
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