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Posted 5/28/16
I did a search before creating this thread and didn't see any results that covered this topic. I understand that CR has a limited audience compared to sites like Amazon, but does anyone actually do price comparisons? I check the DVDs and Blu-Rays for series that I have enjoyed and then I search online for the same products. I usually find CR's prices are at least 50% higher than what I would pay elsewhere and shipping is about the same. I'm sure that there are users who don't shop around, but I think the CR store would be a lot more successful if prices were comparable to what other retailers are charging. Why should I pay a price that is 75-125% higher for the same product, the same shipping time, the same shipping cost, and customer service that is lackluster at best when there is a problem?

These percentages do take into account the membership discount on applicable items. The daily deals sometimes lower the prices to those shared by other retailers, but not always. As a consumer, I find this to go against the goal of promoting my desire to purchase from CR.
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