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Post Reply you're king of the world
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Posted 5/31/16 , edited 5/31/16
drown in riches that are out of this world

pun intended
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Posted 5/31/16

-Dattebayo wrote:

First I'll have my own adventure and travel everywhere for FREE!!!

Once I get that over with, I'll try to make the world a better place for everyone (as sappy as that sounds) because I'm bitter and I hate the world

This but ill make the world despair > : D
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Posted 6/1/16

Rujikin wrote:

Mercury will be turned into the death star.

Bah, If we're building the Death Star, we have a far better candidate.
Behold Mimas, Moon of Saturn:

Why bother starting fresh when there's already a moon that has so much work done already.
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Posted 6/1/16
I'd find people who can better run the world than me, but I'd ensure that myself and my friends and family get to live in the lap of luxury for the rest of our lives. Just because I don't want power doesn't mean I don't want riches.

Also, I wanna own a Caucasian Shepherd, a Newfoundland, a Leonberger, a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Tibetan Mastiff, and an Akita. Basically, I want a lot of big, fluffy dogs.
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