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24 / F / Gone with the wind
Posted 2/11/08 , edited 2/11/08
Story#1: Be careful! Love ☆Postion (translated by choco_vanilla :D)
Narration:Gakuen Alice, Careful!Love Potion!
Anna:he,Nonoko,what's that?
Nonoko:this? yesterday at home I made this medicine while looking it up in a book.
IIncho(class rep.) that means it's a new invention? what kind?
Nonoko:well, I call it love potion
Anna:Love Potion?
Nonoko:is it strange?
Iincho:no,no. i think that's wonderful. right, Hotaru?
Hotaru: yeah,maybe.
Iinchou:what are you making?
Hotaru:don't worry about me, please continue your conversation.
IIncho:oh ...ok.
Anna:so, Nonoko.what does it do?
Nonoko:well, simply said, it's a "love medicine"
Anna:Love medicine?
Hotaru:a medicine that will make someone fall in love with you.
Nonoko:oh! Shouda-san,good morning
Perm:never mind greetings! is that true?
Perm:so that means it has similar effects as Narumi-sensei's alice?
Anna:that would be amazing
Ruka:hmmm.. a love potion.
Ruka:true.'s wrong. it's not a medicine to make someone fall in love with you, but to make yourself fall in love with someone.
Iincho:the person who drinks it is the one to fall in love with someone?
Perm:that's no good! such a medicine is useless.
Nonoko:but, for about for times like If you love someone but don't have the courage to confess
Iincho:oh,I see. then that might be good,right Hotaru?
Hotaru:Finished.what?Iincho(class rep.) did you say something.'s nothing. "my pace" as usual.
Nonoko:well,then.would someone like to try? how about you Anna?
Kokoroyomi:If I drink this medicine everyone will find out who I'm in love with. no way!
Anna:oh! kokoro yomi-kun don't pop up all of a sudden and read people's mind!!
Perm:anyways.this medicine is useless.
Iincho:Shouda-san,don't you think that's saying too much
Perm:then Iincho(class rep.) would you drink it? even though you might start a love sonfession or something in front of everyone?
Iincho:th..that would be...
Perm:see. anyways, that medicine has a strange pink color. looks very disgusting.
Nonoko:this color is strawberries.and I don't think it tasts bad.
Perm:who cares about the ingredients! no is no!
Nonoko:really...guess this is a failure.
Anna:not that it's a failure, just..sorry Nonoko
Mikan:Hotaru! why did you leave me back! I almost arrived late!
Hotaru:I never promised to come with you.
Mikan:That's right could have at least said something!
Hotaru:I just didn't wake up.
Perm:hm!every day,almost late every time. Looks like someon really likes running.
Mikan:don't start a fight in the morning Perm!
Perm:I'm always telling you! don't call me Perm!
Mikan:anyways. Good morning everyone!
All:Good morning Mikan.
Nonoko:good morning.
Mikan:oh,Nonoko,you don't look in good spirits .what's wrong?
Nonoko:well, actually..
Iincho:what is it,Shouda-san?
Perm:No..nothing. I just got a briliant out Sakura Mikan! Ogasawara-san. may I
Perm:how about making Sakura-san drink this Love potion?
Nonoko:Make Mikan?
Perm:no,it's nothing.I'll tell you after, just wait. don't speak so loud Ogasawara-san!
Perm:It's not poison right? and anyways were'nt you looking for someone to try it?
Nonoko:(amazed)..ok,then I'l just explain to Mikan
Perm:stupid! if you explain no one would drink such a medicine!
Perm:anyways, I'm taking one of these,alright.
Perm:so then. Sakura-san.this is something Ogasawara-san made. want to drink?
Mikan:what is it? juice?
Perm:a special nutritional
Mikan:Color looks delicious!is it okay for me to have it Nonoko?
Ruka:looks delicious?! such a color?
Natsume: an idiot as always.
Ruka: Will Sakura be ok if she drinks it
Natsume:it's not life threatning.
Perm:So, go ahead.Sakura-san. Gulp it all up!
Mikan:okay. well then;itadakimasu!
Perm:so, Sakura Mikan, confess in front of everyone and make a fool of yourself!
Mikan:it was delicious, Nonoko
Mikan:Thanks Nonoko.oh, I drank it all..was that ok?
Perm:yes! of course! so..then feel anything different?
Mikan: anything that you say so...I kinda
Mikan:I feel like my spirits are up!that sure is Nonoko's nutritional drink
Perm:not that!
Iincho:Come on Shouda-san, let's properly explain to Mikan
Hotaru:Mikan, what you drank is not a Nutritional drink.
Mikan:what do you mean?
Nonoko:well, Mikan what you just drank is a medicine I made called "love potion"
Nonoko:I'm sorry Mikan,making you drink with no explanation's's not like it's poison
Mikan:that means..I got tricked by Perm?!
Nonoko:I'm really sorry.
Mikan:What kind of medicine, what did I drink?!
Perm:that medicine will make you fall in love with someone
Mikan:make me fall in love with someone?
Iincho:Love is Love and Potions means medicine.
Mikan:so that means I'm going to fall in love with someone?
Perm:that's right.
Mikan:No way! what a bad joke! I don't mind faling in love with hotaru or Iincho
Hotaru:I mind.
Mikan:don't say such cold things Hotaru
Hotaru:don't come close, I don't have such interests(lesbian)
Misaki: Is Nonoko here?
Nonoko: y..yes?what may I do for you?
Misaki: Nonoko, did you make the Love Potion?
Nonoko: yes.oh!has something happened to Mikan?
Misaki: This and that! In Tokuryoku class she's been all lovy dovy with Tubasa. just watching them get's on the nerves!
Nonoko: what?
All: Really?!
Misaki: all of a sudden(popping up) you surprised me!
Iincho: so the medicine really worked.
Perm: ha!take that! Sakura Mikan.
Misaki: anyways.could you share with me some of that love potion?
Nonoko: why? you want to confess your love to someone?
Misaki: no,no!the other way around. I want to make the one I love drink this and confess their love to me.
All: ah!
Perm: That's right! there was such a way to use it...this could be a huge chance for me.
Anna: With the love potion I could get together with Misaki sensei
Iincho: but, senpai, does it really work so well?
Misaki: well, thanks to that Tsubasa is getting all full of himself.
Tsubasa: who's getting full of himself?
Misaki: did I say anything mistaken,Tsubasa?
Tsubasa: Nevermind.I wan to finish this.
Mikan: No way! I don't want to finish this with you Tsubasa senpai! no way!
Nonoko: mi...mikan?
Perm: it really works amazingly
Tsubasa :anyways. i have an idea.coiuld you give me a bottle of love potion?
Misaki: what for?!
Tsubasa: just listen, i was thinking of making her drink another bottle and making her fall in love with Ruka-pyon or so
Perm: what did you say?!
Mikan: what do you mean?!
IIncho: Mikan, Shouda-san lets calm down, ok?
Mikan: who could calm down?! you idiot!
Iincho: idiot? Mikan chan...
Perm: having important Ruka be victim of Sakura-san...just thinking about it...oh!
Mikan: don't say such evil things! I want to be with Tsubasa senpai. eating Howaron together is my dream!
Tsubasa: Mikan, you're not making sense
Nonoko: yes?
Perm: may I have some love potion?
Nonoko: well, actually...
Perm: what?! don't be so cheap. you made a lot didn't you?
Nonoko: actually including this morning's one, I could only make 2.
Perm: what?
Misaki: so that means
Anna: the last bottle!
Perm: Over there! I can smell it!
Misaki: That's cheating! using your alice!
Perm: sorry senpai but...
Misaki: Hey!wait!
Anna: oh!wait!
Tsubasa: shoot!I won't let you get away!
Mikan: Tsubasa-senpai don't leave me behind!!
Tsubasa: shoot..that's annoying....iyokkorase(picking Mikan up)
Mikan: oh, Tsubasa senpai! I'm so moved!
Tsubasa: never mind being moved...let's go!
Iincho:Everybody left.
Nonoko: oh,what shall I do?
Iincho: about creating an antidote?
Nonoko: an antidote?
Iincho: yes, a medicine that will stop the effects of the love potion. if you can make that, it may also stop all this rackus.I'll help you.
Nonoko: ok, I'll try to make one.
Iincho: Ok, so let's get started right away
Nonoko: Hotaru!you're there.
Iincho: didn't you go home?
Hotaru: well.
Nonoko: That's right, Hotaru, the love potion had an effect on Mikan and now she's allover Andou(Tsubasa)senpai!
Hotaru: that sure is like the simple minded Mikan.
Iinchou: we're going to make an antidote.
Hotaru: hmm.well then, I'll go and retrieve the love potion. It will be a hastle if victims increase,right?
Iincho: yes. Please.
Hotaru: so, take this
Nonoko: what is it?
Hotaru: Cat's phone, just as the name say's it's a phone with the auditory function of a cat. You can talk even if your far away.simply said, like a cell phone.
Nonoko: then, we will contact using this, right?
Hotaru: yes. Since it's a new invention this is also a chance for testing.
Nonoko: eh?
Hotaru: nevermind. anyway, wear it. And don't drop it,ok.
Nonoko: ok
Hotaru: ok then, you to try your best.
Misaki: shoot! where is she?!
Kokoroyomi: That sure is Perm, quick to escape.
Tsubasa: why are you following?
Kokoroyomi:' cause it looks fun.
Misaki: is that it? and here I am seriously trying!!
Anna: I'm also serious. with the potion I can have a Love adventure with Misaki-sensei
Narumi: That's right, you know. I'm sure Anna and Kokoroyomi are as serious as you Misaki. Me too, as a matter of fact.
Misaki: Narumi?!you too?
Narumi: hi!
Misaki: do you have a reason to want this medicine?
Narumi: no want, that medicine is dangerous, I want to retrieve it. It's quite troublesome if a love potion is manufactured.
Tsubasa: yeah, it really is a dangerous medicine.
Narumi: think about it, my alice looses all it's value.
Misaki+Tsubasa: You're such a small person(narrow hearted)!
Tsubasa: and denying his own studen't alice.
Narumi: You guys!can't ignore such a comment! I'm not denying Nonoko's alice. I'm just saying that a love potion is a threat, that's all.
Misaki: not much difference. Ah! found her!
Perm: oh no!
Misaki: I won't let you escape! you!! ghand me that potion!
Perm: oh! no! let me go,please!It's mine!
Misaki: who cares, just give me
Misaki+Perm: Ah!
Kokoroyomi: Nice catch.
Perm: Why are you butting in?!
Kokoroyomi: 'cause it's fun.
Perm: what's that supposed to mean! Give it to me!
Misaki: NO,nononono! be a good boy and give it to me and I won't do anything bad to you...
Kokoroyomi: mmmm, for some reason I don't feel like it.
Misaki: what's that supposed to mean?! anyways...hand it over!
Kokoroyomi: Ah!Ah!she took it.
Misaki: hahan! Got it!
Perm: Wa! wait!
Misaki: I'm cornered.
Kokoroyomi: Give me back my potion!
Misaki: since when has it become your potion?!
Anna: No, the potion is mine
Narumi: you guys are fast. There's not a moment available for me to catch it.
Misaki: Naru-sensei, don't you think it's because of age?
Narumi:I'm only 27!
Misaki: if you round it up, that makes you 30.
Narumi: listen,there's a law that says no rounding up after 25.
Perm: If things come to this, it's embarassing but no choice! mmmm! triple cat flip! Myow!
Misaki: uu!
Misaki: shoot!
Perm: Using my alice and showing my true self, I wonder can you guys catch up to me? This look is a little
embarrassing but I no time to change my mind!oh!
Hotaru: nice job.
Perm: Imai-san what are you doing here?get out of my way.
Hotaru: that medicine, let me have a look.
Perm: Ah!what are you doing?! give it back!
Hotaru: hmm. so that's the famous "love potion"
Hotaru: oops, looks like it's best to run away.(litterally:running away is the way to win)
Perm: I won't loose! Myow!
Hotaru: oh no! the potion....
Ruka:I wonder if Sakura's okay
Natsume: soon as the medicine's effects ware off, everything will be fine.
Ruka:that's true, but...
Perm: Natsume! Luka! duck!(avoid)
Ruka+Natsume: e?Ah!
Anna: the love potion...
Perm: Over Natsume & Ruka!
Hotaru: seems like it completely poured over them.
Narumi: oh,my,my.
Perm: it's not like they drank it...what happens on a case like this?
Hotaru: Don't know.
Ruka: *sigh*
All: mmm?
Natsume: hey!what's wrong?
Perm: Ruka?the medicine is starting to have an effect on Ruka! which means, that's good.If I can get
either Natsume or Ruka top fall in love with me, it's perfect! how about both of them...
Hotaru: you're drooling.
Perm: Oh,my, what am I doing!anyways, if both of them fall in love with me, there will be no problem!oh! but if that
happens, which should I choose. oh!Sumire can't choose! anyways, I'll go for the one which falls in love with me by the
medicine's effect.
Anna:Natsume and Ruka are
Perm: they're staring at each other?!(*stare with loving eyes*)
Hotaru: Could this be! camera,camera!
Ruka: Natsume,I...until now I've kept quiet about this but, to tell the truth
Natsume: what?
Ruka: I think of you not as a friend but
Natsume: ?!?!
Ruka: as a lover.that's right! from the bottom of my heart, I love you!
All: WHAT?!
Ruka: I love you! Natsume!
Anna: a!ah-!Natsume & Ruka are hugging!
Hotaru: shutter chance! these are going to sell well!
Perm: No way!!Ruka with Natsume?!..ah! but with those two, such a "world"(BL) is maybe possible.
Anna: oh!I feel my heart beat.(getting excited)
Perm: that..that's true....this is amazing...
Kokoroyomi: I don't feel anything.
Perm: If you get excited that'd be scary!
Narumi: mmm, but this is no good. Hey you two
Narumi:look this way
Ruka: ha?
Natsume: what?
Narumi:This is really bad
Anna: what is it sensei?
Narumi: well, I thought that if I made them fall for me using my alice we wouldn't have to see more of this "forbidden world"(BL)but, it didn't work on them.
Anna:Sensei's pheromone alice didn't work?
Narumi: yes, sadly not at all.
Anna:The medicine Nonoko made is that amazing?
Natsume: Ruka
Ruka:what is it, Natsume?
Natsume: don't stick so much, it's hot.
Ruka:eh? but it's just like always!aha! you're embarassed? Natsume.
Ruka:you don't have to hide it. I know all about you.whatever happens, to me Natsume you will always be my number mistake about it.
Hotaru: things are getting exciting. This will make very good pictures.
Perm: Hey! Imai-san,may I have a moment?
Hotaru: what?I'm busy now, so make it short.
Perm: After, can you share with me a few of those pictures.
Hotaru: they're not cheap.
Perm:I know.
Hotaru:ah,I also accept food.
Perm: Don't worry, I will pay you cash.
Anna: what are you two talking about?
Perm: It doesn't concern you Umenomiya-san. Anyways, the love potion worked on Luka towards Natsume, but who did Natsume fall for?Could it be me?
Hotaru+Anna: no way, no way.
Tsubasa: Ah!so tired! finally we reached them.
Mikan:n? what's Ruka-pyon and Natsume are here?
Anna:Ah! Mikan!
Mikan:looks like Ruka-pyon is closer to Natsume than usual
Tsubasa:feels like Natsume is acting a bit strange too...could it be? peices of the broken bottle over there!
Mikan: what does it mean?
Tsubasa: Anna explain to her
Anna: ok.Mikan you see..*explaining*
MIkan: WHAT?! The love potion worked on Ruka-pyon and Natsume?! I see, that's why Ruka-pyon is all over Natsume.
Tsubasa: Hey, Mikan, you didn't notice yourself hugging me?
Mikan: ehe.I'm sorry senpai. but, I've I'm not doing this, I'm just so worried that you be taken away by Misaki-senpai.
As soon as she is gone, I'll let go.
Misaki: no need to take such precautions.
Mikan:That's right, time will you come with me to central town on a's, yeah:to buy "Howaron".I want to eat together.that would be ok, right?
Tsubasa:Howaron?that does taste good.
Mikan:does that mean you'll go with me?
Tsubasa: well, if it's for shopping, I guess I could.
Mikan: really?! different from a certain Natsume, I knew it! senpai your so nice!
Tsubasa: um, since earlier Natsume's been staring with deadly eyes...
Mikan: Tsubasa senpai I love you so much!
Tsubasa: You didn't notice?!Thanks Mikan, I apreciate your feelings, but Natsume's stare is painful, could you please let go of me?
Mikan: eh? but Misaki-senpai is stil here, I can't do that.
Ruka: Natsume? where are you going?
Natsume:Hey! let go of him.
Ruka: Natsume, what's wrong?
Tsubasa: if he came to us, does that mean he fell in love with one of us?
Mikan: what is it Natsme? don't need make such a scary face.
Natsume: I said let go!
Tsubasa: e?!a!hot!hot!hot!
Mikan: Natsume!what are you doing! it's dangerous!
Natsume:You,shut up!
Mikan:No!if you do something to Tsubasa-senpai, I won't forgive you!
Natsume: Anyways, get away from him. If you don't I'll roast him!
Mikan:Natsume!I told you it's dangerous to bring out fire! stop it you idiot! fire is hot! stupid! doing that won't make just a simple burn!Don't you even understand that?!
Ruka: Sakura...what are you doing hugging Natsume.
Mikan: Ruka-pyon, are you taking Natsume's side?!
Ruka: That's..of course! Natsume is...he's my destined partner!
Mikan: destiny?but still, it doesn't change the fact that bringing out fire is dangerous.
Ruka: I know that!but, will you please stop hugging natsume.
Mikan: No!
Tsubasa: Ruka: what?
Tsubasa: could it be that the medicine's effect wore off?
Mikan: If i let go for sure he's going to attack Tsubasa-senpai with his alice! That I can't let him do!
Tsubasa: A, I was wrong...
Ruka: it's not a reason for you to hug MY Natsume!
Natsume: Ruka!
Mikan: While I'm doing this, Natsume can't use fire, It's safe this way.
Ruka: for that! If I'm hugging him, natsuem won't use fire!
Mikan: Oh! My favorite ribbon came off! Ruka-pyon what are you doing!?!
Ruka: wa tied loose that's why..
Mikan: That's not true!
Tsubasa: Ok, you two, calm down, ok?
Mikan+Ruka: How can I calm down in a moment like this?!?!
Ruka:don't want anything to happen to Natsume!
Natsume: Ruka, I'm alright.
Mikan:hey hey, Ruka-pyon. Perm has got a bunch of pictures of you . look, such a jelous face.
Perm: Hey! Sakura-san don't say anything uneeded!
Ruka: why pictures? ah! Imai! anyways, Sakura get away from Natsume!
Natsume: Ruka...I'm fine this way...
Ruka: what do you mean, Natsume?
Natsume: Hey! Pokadots!
Mikan: My name's not pokadots so I won't!it hurts! Natsume!
Natsume: only put down your hair in front of me.
Mikan: ah?what's with you all of a sudden?
Natsume: That's all I want to say.
Mikan: What's with you?!
Tsubasa: ah,my. Mikan, it's okay to ley go of Natsume, I'm not scared of his alice. don't worry.
Natsume: Andou you!
Tsubasa: hey, natsume. I older than you, I would appreciate you adding -senpai to my name when you speak.
natsume: nonesense.calling you by your name is enough for you.(*NB it's extremely impolite in japanese to call a senior by their name without
adding-san,-senpai ect.. to it. notice Taubasa and Misaki are very impolite to call narumi-sensei by his nickname Naru.^^though it also shows a certain amount of affection, it also shows that they don't percieve him as their upper.)
Mikan: I don't forgive that!
Misaki: mmm, what is what...
Hotaru: ah! it must be Nonoko. Hello, can you hear me?
Nonoko: I can hear you.
Hotaru: operational test:no problem.
Nonoko: eh?
Hotaru: no,no.Giving this to you was the right answer. Where are you now?
Nonoko: well, since a bit i and IIncho seperated to look for Mikan. Now I'm at the back entrance of the Elemantary dormatory.
Hotaru: really.then you're close. Stupid Mikan is in fron tof the elementary dormitory
Nonoko:really? then I'm be there soon!
Hotaru: I'll contact Iincho later.
Nonoko:Thankyou Hotaru.
Anna: Hotaru, could it be you were contacting with Nonoko?
Hotaru: yes.
Anna: Where did Nonoko say she was?
Hotaru: she's coming this way now. she'll be here soon.
Nonoko: Sorry for the wait!
Anna: Nonoko
Nonoko: I made it! an antidote for the love potion.
Anna:That's great!
Nonoko: So, I just need to give this to Mikan right?
Anna: Actually, Natume and Ruka are also under the Love potion's effects
Nonoko: What? when? oh well, I made in a large amount so it should be okay, I think. *sound of throwing*
Mikan: n? what?I?
MIkan: what is it?
Ruka: until now, i..
Tsubasa:looks like all calmed down.
Nonoko: Looks like they're back to normal.
Mikan: what do you mean?
Anna: Great!
Perm: pretty simple.
Narumi: you think? I'm just glad that from the "forbidden world"...
Misaki: yeah yeah! right! they're really back to normal?
Mikan: so, what do you men, back to normal?
NOnoko: Actually, Mikan, the Love Potion I made had effect and...
Mikan: really?!
Nonoko: yes.
Mikan: wait! didn't my no-effect alice work and stopped it?
Nonoko: well, actually
Tsubasa: hey! Mikan: you don't remember?!
Mikan: Tsubasa-senpai...ah!it's coming back to me...
Tsubasa: Mikan?
Mikan: Oh no!I made a huge fool of myself saying and doing really embarassing things..I can't look in Tsubasa-senpai's face anymore! what shall I do?!
Kokoroyomi: Natsume and Ruka were also under the effects of the love potion.
Mikan: eh? you too?
Ruka: It's not our fault..
Natsume: hm.nonesense.
Ruka:feels like I said impossible things to Natsume like lover..of course Natsume is my bestfriend but..
Mikan: Ah!Ruka-pyon, you're all red.Who did you fall in love with?
Ruka:doensn't matter who, right!
Mikan: eh?! but I'm curious!
Kokoroyomi: it's Natsume.
Mikan: WHAT?! Really? then how about natsume? natsume, who did you fall in love with?
Natsume: I'm not going to be part of this. let's go Ruka
Mikan: Hm. Natsume is really hot tempered. DId he fall for someone that he'd actually be too embarassed to say the name? is there even such a person.
Hotaru: Mikan, don't you understand?
Narumi: Hotaru...that's..
Mikan: what do you mean?
Hotaru: you're really slow.
Mikan: what do you mean I'm slow?!
Narumi: well, well. Mikan, calm down. Anyways the love potion effect have worn off.
Mikan: That's right. Nonoko, didn't you want to say something?
Nonoko: yeas. about the love potion. This medicine will work on someone that already has a certain feeling of love, and will make that person fall even more in love.
Mikan: mmmmmmm, I'm sorry, could you explain a little more simpler?
Nonoko: eh?Simpler? n, how should I say? I though my explanation was simple...
Perm: You probably used too difficult words for miss idiot.
Mikan: WHat did you say?! Perm?! then why don't you try explaining then?
Perm: I understood so I don't need to reformat in a simpler way.
Mikan: doubtful.
Tsubasa: I'll explain.
Mikan: Tsubasa-senpai. so, what does it mean?
Tsubasa: One won't fall in love with someone they don't like. Simpler said: One can't love someone they hate.right?Nonoko,
Nonoko: that's it.And, it only affects the feeling of the person who drank.
Misaki: so, Tsubasa being totally in love with Mikan...
Tsubasa: from the start, that's a misunderstanding! wake up!
Misaki: I was wrong, sorry.
Perm: Then that means, how ever I may be totally in love with natsume and Ruka, if they don't fall foe me then it's meaningless?
Kokoroyomi: Yous hould forget about impossible situations.Curly perm punched me.
Narumi: WEll,well.hearing the use of the medicine, I fell much better now.well, you know, my gorgeous feromon life was in crisis. I would have lost all usefulness.
Tsubasa+Misaki: You really are narrow hearted!
Narumi: I really have no standing point...
Mikan: oh.I think I started to understand.
Nonoko: That's why, Mikan fell even more in love with Andou-senpai, Ruka with natsume and Natsume...
Mikan: what? why's everyone staring at me?
Tsubasa: Could it be?
Anna: Natsume?
Misaki: with this shorty?
Perm: You gotta be kidding?!
Kokoroyomi: You gotta be kidding?!
Mikan: way...did Natsume fall for me? Ah..hahaha, no way! impossible.
Nonoko: Mikan?
Mikan: He said before that he hates everything about me. It's impossible.
Tsubasa: well, more then going to Mikan, felt more like he was after me(for vengeance.)
Mikan: That'S right, he probaly fell for Tsubasa-senpai.
Tsubasa: Mikan, please let me deny such thoughts!
Mikan: m? oh well, we're all back to normal so, doesn't matter. For sure my no1 is Hotaru!
Hotaru: hey! don't hug me suddenly!
Mikan: oh come on! You came here because you were worried about me right?
Hotaru: ah! I'm looking forward to the sales results (of the pictures)
Mikan: Hotaru, did you say something?
Hotaru: no.nothing. well, I guess Mikan, you were of some use. Thankyou.
Mikan: eh?wow! Hotaru thanked me! hey! hey! did you hear that? Hotaru said "thankyou" to me!
Narumi: yes, we heard. that's nice, Mikan. well then, it's geting dark.Everyone, go back to the dormitory.
Tsubasa: Hey, naru, you look like you very relieved...
Misaki: really.And earlier you were saying "my pheromone life will this and that"
Narumi:ah,yes,yes. Everyone, tomorrow come to school in good humor(good health) well, then. I still have work to do, so I'll be off. Adieu! Mua!
Mikan: Tsubasa-senpai...
Tsubasa: N?What is it?
Mikan: Today, I'm very sorry to have inconvenienced you so much.
Tsubasa: That's ok, don't worry.
Kokoroyomi: Oh, well, let's go home.
Perm: Yeah, you're right.
Anna: I'm hungry. I wonder what's for dinner.
Hotaru: Feels like we forgot something.
Mikan: hmm. oh yeah, where's IIncho?
All: AH!!!
IIncho:Mikan? where are you? WHere could she have gone? no! I can't give up! I must fulfill my duty as class rep.! Mikan! Where are you?!!
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23 / F / Texas
Posted 2/17/08
Mikan:don't say such cold things Hotaru
Hotaru:don't come close, I don't have such interests(lesbian)
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23 / F / pHiliPpinEs.....
Posted 3/1/08
tHat wAs sOooOo cOol........!!!
nAtsuMe inlove wIth mikan.....?
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Posted 3/4/08
toooooooooo long
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22 / F / philippines
Posted 6/23/08
i hope more of this will come!!!!natsume got jealous bec of mikan hugging tsubasa i hope theres really a love potion like that
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26 / F
Posted 6/23/08
awww. soo cute. :))
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Posted 6/25/08
here's a link to the radio drama XD
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F / .......0.o
Posted 6/26/08
it iisss loonnngg but its funnyXD thks.
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Posted 7/7/08
Mikan:No way! what a bad joke! I don't mind faling in love with hotaru or Iincho
Hotaru:I mind.
Mikan:don't say such cold things Hotaru
Hotaru:don't come close, I don't have such interests(lesbian)

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