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If you had a nuclear weapon, a stick a chewing gum, and a cat, and you must use these to save the world or lose all you
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Posted 6/1/16 , edited 6/1/16

runec wrote:

Uh. The world is currently safer than at any other point in modern history. Terrorism makes a lot of noise but its statistically negligible. Syphilis kills twice as many people per year compared to terrorism. ISIS can't even compete with crotch rot.

On the bright side, I see your bunker has wifi.

My bunker? I live on the fourteenth story of a high rise apartment building. I quite enjoy the view and fresh air. Especially since the owner of the apartment across the street is a Japanese woman with a hella of a figure and an exhibitionist streak a kilometre wide. I mean why else prance naked through your apartment when the street side windows are basically the entire wall and you refuse to draw the curtains.

Now on to the serious matter. Yes less people are dying as a direct result of warfare issues. But in the past most threats had the decency to wear a uniform and declare something of a war before getting into the real grind of sending children off to die in the wars of old men. Global terrorism does not have that courtesy and they wilfully target civilian populations. The psychological effects of such things are as great if not greater then the body count such things leave behind.

I mean you must have noticed the increasingly radical bills that are being passed by world governments, the ever increasingly powers given to various law enforcement and military personal, the ever increasing bottlenecks at international airports. I mean you must of noticed you tend to argue against such thing mate.

And yet you spew this asinine bullshit about an STD being a greater threat then global terrorism. I know you likely never even left the city of your birth let alone spent time in other countries and places to see the true bigger picture but at least turn on the news or do a little looking around in your own home as it were before refusing to recognise the impact global terrorism is having on our day to day lives.
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Posted 6/1/16
teach the cat how to blow bubbles with the chewing gum, film it, become viral sensation for a whole 5 days

send the nuke to blow up in space
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Posted 6/1/16
Use the chewing gum as adhesive to attache the nuke to the cat... spray the cat with water to make it run offf.. wait for the boom
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Posted 6/13/16
Closed because OP nuked.
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