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Post Reply This thought I had on English Dub--Would it be bad for kids to watch Japanese dub when still very young and learning to
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Posted 6/26/16 , edited 6/26/16

AzuroHeart wrote:

I'm very strong towards wanting the original Japanese versions of anime because it always will be better for the reason that the animation was crafted and connective with the voicing as well voice acting is taken much more seriously *Cough*Fire Emblem Fates USA*cough* so changing the dub from something it wan't made in is always going to be weird but it's possible to make something really good in English dub that was in Japanese like Grandia II on Dreamcast (I've been referencing Games but it's still relevant xD) but also I would add that a show (or Anime) like RWBY is better in English because it was crafted along side English and was made in that environment, it would be weird if it was in Japanese, it's simply how it works.

Also the topic, I thought "Would it be bad for kids to watch Japanese dub when still very young and learning to speak English or dont even know how to read"?
Like would it mess with how the really little kids speak?

What do you all think about this?

This again? *sigh*. Well, it's one's personal preference/experience and so on. To me, it depends on the anime. I usually watch both. I don't know what Fates has to do with this (i haven't started playing it yet, mind you), but is it's dubbing good or bad? Awakening has a great dub, that's for sure. But yes, It's one opinion which is good, which is bad.
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Posted 6/26/16
I think it depends on the show. I usually watch subbed shows, being a crunchyroll customer...
Some dubs that I think are great- Romeo x Juliet, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Eureka Seven, Eden of the East.
Subs which I love- Sakamoto Desu Ga, Wolf Children, Toradora, Nerima Daikon Brothers.
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