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Posted 6/3/16 , edited 6/3/16
So I do this thing for different anime communities where I have them pick an anime character to represent them and I draw all of you together into one picture (Well a group of pictures)

Here is the one I did for MAL to show you what I mean:

There was more, just figured that was enough to show yall what I mean.

To be in this community picture just pick an anime, manga or video game character and ask to be them. You can pick characters I've already done, just cant be a character someone on Crunchyroll already claimed.

Oh and you can spice the character up, like ask for Thug Lyfe Yui (As seen above)

Questions? Feel Free to ask. This should be done by July dpending on how many sign up!

So pick a character!

Mods feel free to move this as see fit.
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Posted 6/3/16
Me as Female Jiraiya
Posted 6/4/16 , edited 6/4/16
I pick Rei Ayanami

I am expecting many more faces than what you've been able to fit in your examples.
Why not stick to drawing your friends here?
If you blind invite I'm sure many takers won't be as appreciative.
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