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I'm buying a desktop computer but I need help
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Posted 6/6/16
Not a desktop computer, but still very powerfull:
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Posted 6/6/16 , edited 6/6/16

qualeshia3 wrote:

Yeah I have FIOS. But the FIOS router is connected to a cable box. Wouldn't I need something to plug up to the computer? So wouldn't I need to buy another router for the computer? Plus don't I have to let Verzion know that I'm using a desktop computer?

Does your router have an antenna that sticks up? Like this (the black bar up top)...

That's a wireless antenna for wi-fi that your computer will be able to use. You most likely already have a wireless network set up with verizon but would have to contact them for the account name and password to it (different than your own log-in and password). It's actually an easy thing to setup with newer computers.
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Posted 1/1/18
New-year cleanup. Closing threads with no new posts in over a year
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