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Posted 6/4/16 , edited 6/5/16
For those of you who need a definition of yangire:
In order to keep the original definition intact, another term has arisen to describe girls who exhibit yandere traits but do not fit the true definition of what a yanderekko entails. This term, known as yangire (ヤンギレ), refers to characters who snap suddenly out of jealousy, irritation or something similar. Yangire is a combination of the two words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and kire or gire (切れ), meaning to cut, slice, or "to snap". This behavior is different from that of a yandere character in regard to the motivation that sparked the change in the character. The yanderekko is motivated through her love for the male protagonist, while a yangire character is motivated through other characters and will not be connected with emotions of love or attraction.

My favorite Yangire is Rena Ryuuguu. She's one of the main protagonists (or heroines, whatever floats your boat) of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
I think she's probably my favorite due to her more cutesy side, but her "crazier" side is really fascinating. I digress. Regardless of whatever side she's exhibiting at the time, I'll always love my cleaver girl! Lol.
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