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Posted 6/4/16
I'm sure you all know what a yandere is if you've joined this group, but if you need a definition; here it is.
Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a Japanese term for a personality that is initially extremely loving and gentle, then at one point becomes deranged or psychotic, often brutally so. Yandere is a combination of the two words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and deredere (デレデレ), which is defined as exhausted or lovestruck.
Anyway. My favorite Yandere is Kaede Fuyou, from SHUFFLE!.
She starts more similar to a yangire when she's a child, but she quickly escalates into a yandere once

She's really sweet, and the anime's ending was painful since she was the best character (Sia close in 2nd place) for me.
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