Is "Inside Mari" a body swapping manga? (Theory)
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Posted 6/7/16 , edited 6/7/16
I have a feeling that this could turn out not be a body-swapping manga, but that Mari has multiple personality disorder. Lets run through some evidence.
I took a psychology class for college this past spring term and this is going off of the knowledge from that.
Most multiple personality disorders occur from a childhood tradegy, most of the time it is from abuse, or even worst, rape. Overall it comes from being over stressed so you brain creates a personality to handle such stress (Ex. If a girl was abused by men at an early age she might create a man's personality to cope when under that type of stress). This is why it mostly happens in children, when their brains aren't mature enough to deal with stress. Mari did have a childhood tradegy. Her grandmother, who she seems to be extremely close with her died. Then her name is changed to something entirely different and her life was dominated by a controlling mother afterwards. It was also seen that she had seperated herself from her childhood in the dream that "Isao" had near where the manga is caught up to. This could also explain why she bought chocolate every night (for her younger personality). So "Isao" was created because she was under to much stress with her life, so she created a mirror personality of the person she though was true to himself, Isao.
"Isao" doesn't know much about Isao. The "Isao" inside Mari doesn't even try to use personal evidence that is outside his room or himself at all. Like where he came from outside of Tokyo or his parent's name. Which is strange since those are some of the first thing that come to my mind if I was in that situation. It was also obvious that Mari was stalking Isao before "Isao" personality came to be. And the memories of "Isao" stalking her could just be reverse memories or Mari stalking Isao.
Well this is just a theory but I think it would be more interesting this way and makes more sense than a body-swapping manga.
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Posted 6/7/16
I'm not sure how far into the manga you are, but that's what I believe too. She's creating persona's to cope with life.
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Posted 6/8/16
huh? I thought this "theory" was obvious. The evidence for this being a body-swap manga is just the main character seeing it that way. The multiple personality disorder thing already became clear a few chapters ago.

I'll be surprised if it actually DOES turn out to be a body-swapping manga.
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Posted 12/30/17
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