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Posted 6/7/16
Skipping the OP/ED has been requested before but I wanted to point out that it may actually save CR money by saving them bandwidth, especially on popular short gag animes like Sakamoto. It will also make CR slightly more popular for viewing on mobile data and other instances where data usage is capped.

It's odd because CR's platform seems to know where the OP starts and stops to introduce ads in the free version, yet doesn't allow Premium members to skip it. It could be either an option in the app or an option in your account to just skip all OP and/or ED until disabled; I think the latter may be easier for CR to implement even if it's not necessarily useful for shared accounts. Perhaps an option that can only be enabled for a viewing session? Disabling OP/ED for a viewing session would also mean the OP/ED shouldn't be buffered at all, meaning it would definitely save bandwidth.

For the mobile & Chromecast apps a thumbnail seek option would also help to reduce bandwidth over the blind "skip 10 seconds" option, allowing one to skip more than 10 seconds (even if extra buffering is needed).
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Posted 7/18/16
I wasnt aware Sakamoto was a short anime. I believed quite a few anime are around 24 minutes in length.

With that out of the way this wouldnt actually benefit CR in any way. Even if they skipped the OP and ED the player would still buffer it regardless. Probably the only way to cut out the OP and ED in a way that actually cuts the buffering for both would be to remove them from the video file itself and i seriously doubt that an action such as editing the video would be permitted in CR's licensing. Whether or not a popular anime has the Karaoke subs/translations is largely dependent on the creators.

As well cutting the OP/ED may hurt the viewer as well considering certain anime producers may decide to hide content within the OP/ED if not directly before or after and this would create more workload on CR with having to place the extra markers on the player to simply skip 1:30 at the beginning and 00:45-01:00 at the end and not cut out any actual content.

Thumbnail seek on the other hand would be a good idea for all players mobile and web browser as well
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Posted 7/19/16 , edited 7/19/16

thrae wrote:

If I recall, CR can't give us the ability to skip the OP/ED due to contracts with the Japanese creators. I'm not sure if any of the legal streaming sites allow you to skip the OP/ED. Funimation doesn't. Pretty sure Hulu doesn't either, but it's been awhile. Daisuki doesn't either.

I could be wrong, but I think the reason we're force fed the OP/ED against our will is due to an anachronistic contractual or copyright thing.

/Edit: clarity.
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