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Posted 6/9/16 , edited 6/9/16
Just incase some people are getting this message when trying to log into their account all of a sudden, and your sure the account is still active (can log into the app), check your browser.

There seems to be a change in the recent Dev/Canary versions of Chrome (as should be expected to happen with Dev software) that cause the Crunchyroll login to automatically spit out a "Please use a valid email or username." response.

You can work around it by either using a different browser (or stable branch of Chrome), or simply going to and login into the mobile page and have it remember you, it uses the same cookie so its login will carry back over to the main desktop site.

Its likely that this is a bug with the Dev branch, but it has been like this for a few weeks so there is the possibility that this is an intentional change in how Chrome processes pages, in which case it might be in the Staffs best interest to look at this before it change gets pushed to Stable.
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Posted 6/9/16
As seen in this thread: /forumtopic-954507, it is actually a problem with the regex on the page. Namely the \_ and \@ shouldn't be escaped since those symbols don't have any special meaning. Because of how simple the fix is, I am hoping it is changed sooner rather than later.
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Posted 6/9/16 , edited 6/9/16
The devs are currently looking into it.

In the meantime, use a stable version of Chrome, another browser, or change the regex part in the code manually (if you use a dev version of a browser you should know how to do that).
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Posted 6/10/16
I found where the fix could be made (right where @beardfist said) made a more in depth mention of it in a new post
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