did trigger made anime crossover with luluco?
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Posted 6/9/16
AX 2014 in the trigger confres it was anouncess, plan for a infernal cop,
and kill la kill crossover.
Lord n behold it was premier in space cop luluco ep.7
with same astract style that trigger is recognize, and the tone that kill la kill had.
it was fun n bizarre, but i confess that i scream when that beutiful soundtrack
play. ye knew it was magical. i wish they have one of the original cast
like Mako, or any of satsuki cronies in the mix, but with a lenght of 7min,
there wanst even action scene. but hey just hearing the main battle music,
it was enought. but i will give cred with the follow episode
to the witch academia planet, where suzy guest star, and it was better.
with her mushrom spells, theres no way it couldnt be funny.
So what do you think of trigger crossover?
and what episode did you like the most?

and as always thank for been awesome.
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Posted 6/9/16
The crossovers were amazing, and I never expected them to have a crossover with Machspeed, I was sure they were going to include Inferno Cop or Ninja Slayer in Luluco. It may still be possible, but given that they aren't traveling the universe anymore it may not happen at all.

A crossover between Inferno Cop and Kill la Kill would be incredible, I'd love to see that.
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Posted 6/11/16
So Trigger is officially the anime equivalent of marvel with all these crossovers, eh?
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Posted 1/1/18
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