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Posted 6/11/16
I got to admit, it was a pretty spectacular end. But I cant help but feel Kyosuke should have died, kind of like the price Riki and Rin must pay to save everyone else. What do you think?
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Posted 6/11/16
Nah, I like the ending how it is. Sure, it would've been poignant if he had, but considering the whole plot was about getting the two of them to mature, I feel that the fact that they managed to save everyone nicely indicates that yes, they have gotten a lot stronger as a result. The themes of the story are best presented with that kind of "victory against all odds" ending.

Besides, it doesn't make the final scenes in Refrain any less moving. Everyone legitimately thought they were going to die, which is what made it all so heartfelt. Just because they ended up living doesn't mean that those sentiments aren't still there by any means.
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