How fragile the brain is.
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Posted 6/11/16 , edited 6/11/16
So except for my family this isn't know by many people who know me but when I was 12-13 I had a partial complex seizure and that has changed my view on the human brain for life.

So I was acting saying mumbled words and went to the toilet to piss and did so on the floor then kept spinning around (parents recount of what happened) I was on a cruise at the time and when I woke I was heading to shore in a speedboat.

That aside I did some damage to my brain that day even if it doesn't show up in MRI's etc and I have realised how fragile our brains are and ever since that seizure I feel a part of me has been lost my memory is worse etc.

When I was 12 and in grade 5 I believe I was at the top of my maths and English class doing algebra and other highschool maths in primary school.

I was that Autistic kid who loved maths and was really good at it heck I was even programming in Visual Basic back then albeit minor things like my own web browser which is basic but still amazing for a kid my age.

After I had my seizure my memory is shitty I can't program nearly as well and my Maths knowledge and English dropped to that of what it was in grade 3-4

So all this made me realise how fragile the brain is right now I'm entering university and I'm not at the level of competence with Maths that 5 year old me was.

TL;DR seizures suck and show how fragile the brain is
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Posted 6/11/16 , edited 6/11/16
Yet another unfortunate occurrence of the eerie Ryulightorb double thread phenomenon. Closed.
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