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Now, I am not one to brag, but you will have to forgive me as I was unable to mortify this urge.

Anyhow, all that talk of IQ the other day inspired me, so I took the Cambridge Intelligence Test. No, no, I do not intend to challenge anyone's intellect.

Whilst acquiring evidence as to my genius, something became apparent that was previously unknown to me; I am a master of Double Trouble, a part of the study.

"The Double Trouble task is our take on a widely-discussed phenomenon in the cognitive psychology literature known as the Stroop effect (Stroop, 1935). This effect refers to the increased difficulty one has in naming the print colour of a word, when the text of that word refers to an 'incongruent' colour. For example, people are slower to name the colour of red ink when the word that is written in red ink is the word 'green'. This difficulty in colour naming vanishes when the semantic meaning of the word is the same as the text colour (e.g. the word ' red ' written in red ink) or is a nonsense syllable (e.g. ' kyshqw ' written in red ink) and is diminished for semantically unrelated words (e.g. the word ' window ' written in red ink) (Scheibe et al, 1967). This effect is thought to be the result of interference caused by automatic word recognition; it seems that we access the meaning of these words without consciously trying to do so. To perform this task successfully you must selectively focus your attention in order to inhibit the automatic access of distracting word information."

You are supposed to ignore what the top text says and only mind the color, vice versa for the lower texts of the buttons.

Although a registration is required, you do not have to take the entire test. If you wish not to do so, you can just click, "Double Trouble," under Reasoning and register.
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